A former Victoria police commissioner blasts Nadia Bartel over sniffing video

A former Victoria Police commissioner has labeled the WAG’s actions “stupid” and warned the influencer could send a dangerous message.

A former Victoria Police Commissioner has labeled Nadia Bartel a “moron” after a video emerged of her snorting white powder.

He also called for police to reopen their investigation into the Melbourne influencer, arguing it could send a concerning message about drug use.

Kel Glare served as Victoria’s Police Commissioner from 1987 to 1992 and slammed the actions of Ms. Bartel and her friends who were present at the illegal gathering.

“Not many people are stupid enough to have themselves filmed doing an illegal act. You’ve got to be something of a moron to do that,” he told the Sunday Herald Sun.

Nadia Bartel

Ms. Bartel and three other women were fined $5452 for participating in the illegal gathering on September 2.

However, despite initial reports, Ms. Bartel cooperated with authorities; Victoria Police Commissioner Shane Patton said there would be no criminal charges over the white powder she was filmed snorting.

“We have been unable to determine what the substance on the plate was,” he told ABC Radio on Thursday.

Mr. Glare told the Sunday Herald Sun the decision not to charge Ms. Bartel “sets a bad example” and could send the message that you can take illegal drugs but just “don’t get caught with it.”

But he said it can be difficult for police to prove illegal drugs were involved when no substance was available to test.

This week, Ms. Bartel has been keeping a low profile and hasn’t posted on Instagram since releasing her apology over the video.

The clip showed Ms. Bartel at a home gathering snorting an unidentified white powder off a dinner plate.

It was posted to Instagram and Facebook stories by her best friend and business partner, Ellie Pearson.

Ms. Person reportedly meant to share it only with her sister but posted it publicly for several minutes in error due to a “smashed phone screen.”

After the video made headlines, Nadia stated via Instagram apologizing for her actions.

“Hi Everyone, I have let you all down by my actions,” she wrote.

“I take full responsibility, and I am committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure I make better choices in the future.

“To my family and friends, my business partners, and the public health workers trying to keep us all safe, I am embarrassed and remorseful.

“I am truly and deeply sorry. I hope I can earn your forgiveness and, in time, your trust. Nadia.”

But despite owning her actions, the public backlash continues, with some slamming her apology as “gutless.”

Several brands have also announced they are no longer working with Nadia, while others appear to be quietly distancing themselves from her.

Vitamins brand JSHealth, which Nadia had been a long-term ambassador for, has also issued a statement confirming they are no longer working with her and condemning “illicit behavior.”

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