A giant painting of EastEnders’ Pat Butcher has mysteriously appeared in Aberdeen

It looks like Aberdeen is the place to be, as the same day footage emerged of cabinet minister Michael Gove busting some moves in a nightclub in the city, pictures surfaced of a wall painting dedicated to EastEnders legend, Pat Butcher.

Different estimates have been given around the height of the mural itself, with one Twitter user saying it’s 12ft, while MyLondon reports that the artwork of the long-serving Albert Square character – played by Pam St Clement from 1986 to 2012, when she was killed off, states that it is around 15ft.

Butcher and her recognisable earrings later returned to the soap for special appearances, including in a hallucination scene when friend Peggy Mitchell – played by the late Barbara Windsor – died on the soap in May 2016.

And if Gove didn’t do enough to draw attention to the Scottish city, then the appearance of Ms Butcher many miles away from her East London home has got both EastEnders fans and local residents talking:

For some, a mural of just Pat Butcher isn’t enough:

And given we know a certain politician was in Aberdeen city centre the same day photos first appeared of the mural, others have joked about the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancashire’s whereabouts:

There’s already been some suggestions as to which mystery artist is behind the mural, though, given another piece displaying Pam St Clement’s character appeared in Birmingham earlier this year.

Often drawing comparisons to fellow anonymous street artist Banksy, the person behind the Brum painting was an individual known by the alias, Fokawolf.

As for the Aberdeen version, it appears as though Fokawolf has struck again, with a festival Twitter account confirming the artist created the piece.

“Pat Butcher from our ‘Stuck Up’ project with paste up by @fokawolf. Riiiiiiicky,” Nuart Aberdeen tweeted.

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