A man was seen eating dinner with a well-trained dog in NYC

Gemma Colón was dining at Local 92 in the East Village in New York City when she witnessed a wonderful sight—a man eating dinner with his dog. Now, it’s not uncommon to see a dog hanging out on an outdoor dining patio but this pooch was perfectly perched on a seat and looked more civil than most humans.

“I was presented with one of the most unexpectedly heartwarming views,” Colón told The Dodo. “I noticed this dog seated across from his owner, perched upon a chair, acting like an absolute proper gentleman.”

In the video, the man can be seen politely sipping on a glass of red wine, enjoying a crossword puzzle while his dog enjoyed a bowl of water. We’re unsure whether the dog’s water was bottled, sparkling, or New York tap.

The image of a man eating with his dog shows how wonderful our bond with our pets can be. It’s also a tribute to whoever trained this magnificent dog. Most dogs would be running around trying to grab an appetizer off someone’s plate.


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According to Colón, the sighting wasn’t a one-time occurrence. “I heard a waitress comment on how good the dog was at one point, and the man replied saying he brings the dog with him everywhere,” Colón said. “It definitely seemed like a very pleasant date, with lovely company.”

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