A ton of classic Final Fantasy games are arriving on Playstation Now this month

Fans of Sony’s Final Fantasy franchise are in for a treat next week, as five games from the series are set to land on Playstation Now.

Starting with Final Fantasy VII on September 7 – the original, not the snazzy new remake – members of the Playstation’s game streaming subscription service will be able to revisit these landmark RPGs.

Sony plans to release one game from the series per month, giving gamers plenty of time to finish each instalment before moving onto the next.

Final Fantasy VII’s new remake attracted critical acclaim. It took the compelling world and classic David v Goliath plot of the original FFVII – first released way back in 1997 – and updated it with 21st century graphics and a whole new combat system.

The original Final Fantasy VII will be the first to arrive on PS Now.

However, fans contend that the original is still better, and certainly still worth a spin despite the old school visuals.

FFVII will be followed sequentially by Final Fantasy VIII, a classic turn-based fantasy / sci-fi game that sees mercenaries battle sorcerers to fight back against tyrannical rule.

CAPTION: A ton of Final Fantasy games announced for PS Now
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Sony have promised to add a classic Final Fantasy game to PS Now every month until January

From there, you can look forward to Final Fantasy IX. The ninth instalment in the series was lauded for its artistic style, which combines hand-drawn illustrations with 3D effects – something that was quite revolutionary at the time, believe it or not.

December onwards will finally level things up a generation to the Playstation 2 Final Fantasy games. Subscribers will receive Final Fantasy X and X-2 free of charge on December 7, before Sony wrap things up with the more recent FF XII.

CAPTION: A ton of Final Fantasy games announced for PS Now
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Final Fantasy has seen a resurgence in popularity following the remaster of FF VII.

The twelfth instalment of the series pioneered the famous ‘gambit’ system, which was adopted by other popular games such as Dragon Age and Pillars of Eternity.

Playstation Now costs £8.99 for a monthly subscription, or you can nab a year for £39.99. It gives you access to hundreds of Playstation games, both old and new, for download or streaming. You’ll need a good Internet connection for the streaming, mind.

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