A Woman Was Scalped by Her Boyfriend, but Is She Viral on TikTok?

Marilyn’s story is undoubtedly horrifying, but those suggesting that she was zombie woman on TikTok were likely mistaken. For one thing, she doesn’t live in Seattle, and there’s no indication that she was visiting the city.

In a follow-up to her initial post, Ishea offered a plausible explanation for the woman who she had filmed out of her window.

“Living in a city like Seattle, is it not uncommon for people to not have the resources to properly care for their mental health, their housing, for their addiction, and so, unfortunately, it’s not abnormal to hear someone screaming like that in the middle of the day,” she said in her update on TikTok. “When I looked out my window and I saw her face, I was truly shook and a little bit scared, because I’ve never seen someone look like that.”

Although addiction is one possibility for the woman’s appearance, some have also suggested that the woman could be part of filming for a new project from director Steven Soderbergh which was apparently filming in the city. Whatever the reason for the woman’s appearance, though, it definitely set off a firestorm on TikTok.

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