Addison Rae signs multi-film Netflix deal after ‘He’s All That’ debut

Just two weeks after Addison Rae’s film debut in ‘He’s All That,’ the TikToker has signed a multi-film deal with Netflix, marking yet another massive move in the influencer’s already bustling career.

Addison Rae is breaking out of the TikTok mold to become a true A-List celebrity.

After initially gaining fame on TikTok in 2019, she’s gone on to launch a music career, start her very own makeup line, and has even appeared in a major film that was scooped up by Netflix in a $20 million deal.

That was just the tip of the iceberg for this Louisiana native, it seems, as Variety has revealed that Rae has now signed another deal with Netflix for multiple movies.

Addison Rae reacts to scoring a multi-movie deal with Netflix

“Getting the opportunity to work with Netflix was such a ‘pinch me’ moment, and now, to be able to continue the relationship, is beyond my wildest dreams,” Rae said of her new prospects.

“I’m thrilled to be able to collaborate with this incredible team and am excited to develop projects while continuing to strengthen my skills as an actress.”

Rae’s appearance in He’s All That hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows for the influencer, though, who currently boasts over 83 million followers on TikTok.


Addison Rae’s latest accomplishment sees her appearing as the main character in Netflix’s ‘He’s All That.’

‘He’s All That’ met with mixed reviews and harsh online criticism

Although the flick premiered at #1 in the United States on Netflix, it received its fair share of criticism, with viewers roasting the film’s “continuity errors” and even bashing Rae’s acting skills.

She’s been adamant about her desires to become an actress in spite of the backlash, stating in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, “I do love acting, and I’ve done it my entire life, but people don’t know that.”

Addison Rae in red dress on Jimmy Kimmel
YouTube: Jimmy Kimmel

While Addison Rae has slowly broken her way into the mainstream, internet critics aren’t exactly pleased with her success.

It looks like the haters are eating their words, as Rae’s new Netflix deal has opened up an entirely new avenue for her to round out her resume of influencer-turned-movie star.

There’s no telling what exactly the deal has in store for Addison — whether we see a ‘He’s All That’ series is up in the air, at this point, but it’s clear that the film’s 24% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t stopping the platform from putting this budding star at the top of their proverbial tree.

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