A&E Reviving 2 Classic Shows

True crime lovers rejoice because A&E is bringing back two fan-favorite true-crime series. The network announced on Aug. 5 that it is reviving Cold Case Files and American Justice, both of which are set for summer 2021 premiere dates and promise to bring viewers shocking stories of cold cases and gripping courtroom trials.

Set for a Friday, August 20 premiere, Cold Case Files delves into the tens of thousands of cold cases in America, of which only about 1% are ever solved. The series initially premiered back in 1999 and was briefly revived by A&E in partnership with Blumhouse Television in 2017 for a 10-episode revival. The new revival will see the original host and producer Bill Kurtis, a celebrated veteran journalist and newsman, returning to narrate. Each one-hour episode of the series will examine a different murder case that remained unsolved for years and the critical element that heated it, leading to the evidence that finally solved it. In addition, the episodes feature interviews with family members, friends, detectives, and others close to the cases as the series “examines all facets of the crime and shines a light on a range of voices and victims.”

Originally airing on the network between 1992 and 2005 and slated for an Aug. 20 premiere, American Justice shines a light on cases through the prism of the criminal justice system. The “newly reimagined and iconic” revival, to be narrated by 24 and The Unit actor Dennis Haysbert, will dive into significant crimes recently adjudicated, including trials that made national headlines as well as lesser-known cases, with the episodes featuring first-hand perspectives of the prosecutors, defense attorneys, investigators, victims and perpetrators involved.

“A&E has long been a leader in true crime programming, and we are thrilled to bring back two of our original series that defined and shaped the genre,” Elaine Frontain Bryant, EVP and Head of Programming for A&E, said. “Both Cold Case Files and American Justice were beloved when they first premiered, and with more stories to tell, these new iterations continue their legacy of riveting and powerful storytelling at its finest.”

Cold Case Files premieres on Friday, August 20 at 9 p.m. ET on A&E. It will be followed at 10 p.m. by the premiere of American Justice. In addition to the two series, the popular Brooke Gittings-hosted podcast Cold Case Files: The Podcast has returned, with new episodes dropping on Tuesdays.

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