‘Alaskan Bush People’ Season 13 Trailer Shows Billy Brown’s Final Scenes and Funeral

Discovery’s hit reality series Alaskan Bush People Is set to return for its 13th season, and the Brown family is dealing with the loss of their patriarch Billy Brown in the first trailer for the new batch of episodes. Discovery released a first look teaser, and it appears that much of the season will be dedicated to memorializing Billy. Billy died on Feb. 7 after suffering a seizure at the age of 68. Fans get a look at Billy’s wife Ami, daughters Rain and Snowbird, and sons Bear, Matt, Bam Bam, Gabe, and Noah as they reflect on the loss of their father and what it means for the family.

“Dad always told us one day we’d have to carry on without him, but we weren’t ready for him to go,” Bam says In the video before It cuts to Gabe calling 911 and asking that they “just send an ambulance.” Snowbird also hints at the Idea that Billy had a clearer-eyed view of his death than previously thought. “Looking back, Dad knew his time in this world was coming to an end, and we can see now he was laying out a plan for us, preparing us to achieve the vision,” she explained. “If only we understood his plan sooner.”

Snowbird also wonders In the video If the Brown family can keep up their off-the-grid way of life without Billy as their leader. “Life now is unlike anything we’ve faced before,” she says. “We’ll never give up our fight for total freedom, but can we do it without Dad?” The video narrator calls it a “defining” year for the Browns, and the video also shows that the new season will cover the months leading up to Billy’s death as well as the aftermath. “I’m ready to start thinking like we used to think, you know, let’s get some craziness out here,” Billy says as he’s shown working on the family’s ranch In Washington. 

Snowbird also shares that she is considering a move back to Alaska. “I find myself hearing the call of Alaska,” she says. “It’s hard answering, do I want to move back?” However, those questions take a backseat when Billy dies and the family has to carry on without him. “He really was my best friend,” Rain claims in the clip. “He was there for me like nobody else ever was.” Billy’s wife Ami also weighs in, saying “we all have to find our peace with what’s happened somehow.” New episodes of Alaskan Bush People premiere Sep. 19 on Discovery and discovery+.

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