Aldi shopper leaves $2 in trolley for next customer

The Sydney customer shared the “unseen favour” he decided to do for another shopper – with people praising the “kind” gesture.

As anyone who shops at Aldi will know, there’s nothing worse than turning up at the supermarket, only to realise you’ve forgotten a $2 coin for the trolley.

It’s why shoppers have applauded the “kind” act of one Aldi customer who left a spare gold coin in the trolley bay of a Sydney branch.

Author and corporate strategist Barry Nicolaou shared a picture of the helpful gold coin he had left on a trolley at North Rocks Aldi on Instagram, writing in the caption that “gestures are a beautiful thing”.

“Just remember that you can make someone’s day during the pandemic by doing the very smallest unseen favour,” he wrote.

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“This doesn’t have to be on a grandiose scale; it can be the smallest thing.”

Mr Nicolaou added that it can sometimes feel like blessings “aren’t coming our way, but maybe if others are in a dark space, we can be the light”.

“Next time you run to doubt, comparison or complaining – ask yourself if you ‘are the change’ you wish to see in the world,” he said.

Mr Nicolaou told he had decided to leave the coin on the trolley to cheer others – and himself – up.

“I decided to be the change we wish to experience and see in the world,” he said. “I really hope people take this and know the smallest gesture is where things begin to change.”

Mr Nicolaou’s gesture was praised, with people commenting that it was a “beautiful message” to share.

“I always hope someone does this for me at Coles. Never have coins on me!” another person wrote.

Unlike other supermarkets Aldi famously only stocks coin-operated trolleys which require either a $2 coin or special Aldi trolley token to operate.

However last month the supermarket confirmed it was trialling the use of baskets at several stores, much to the delight of customers.

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Aldi customers named ‘most satisfied’

It comes as the German supermarket came out on top in Canstar Blue’s latest Most Satisfied Customer Awards, its eighth win in 10 years.

Aldi managed to get an overall score of five stars, beating Woolworths and Coles who each managed four stars, while IGA got a three-star rating.

Aldi scored five stars in the categories for value for money, layout and presentation of stores, quality of supermarket-owned branded products, specials available and freshness of fruit, vegetables and meat.

It got four stars for its variety of products and three stars for customer service and accessibility of staff.

“We are thrilled to be rated Australia’s best supermarket by Canstar Blue,” Aldi Australia group buying director Simon Padovani-Ginies said.

“Our commitment to providing the highest quality products at incredibly low prices is clearly resonating with our customers and is something we are extremely proud of.”

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