Aldi shopper shares four hacks she swears by to beat speedy cashiers

An Aldi shopper took to TikTok to share how she manages to keep up with the staff at the checkouts when paying for her food – and viewers were in hysterics at her comical techniques

Uyen reveals all (Image:

Aside from its low prices, Aldi is notoriously known for its super speedy cashiers.

Over time, many shoppers have been forced to come up with all sorts of ways to keep up with them, like having baskets ready in your car, which saves you time on having to bag up your products in store.

One woman, Uyen, demonstrated four techniques she swears by when she reaches the front of the queue – and guarantees they work.

Uyen shared “moves you should try to keep up with the cashiers when shopping at ALDI,” on TikTok where she’s known as @uyenthininh, and it’s since gone viral.

First up, we have “The All In”, which sees the TikToker sweep all of the items into a large bag in one go.

The second move – “Extra Hands”, involves a helper piling the shopping into the bag.

The third technique, known as “The Slow Grandma,” shows Uyen appropriately dressed as an elderly shopper as she carefully puts her items away one by one.

“They’ll have mercy,” she adds.

The final hack, called “The Giving Up” sees a tired Uyen holding her bag out as the food is thrown by the cashier.

Viewers couldn’t help but laugh at her methods and were quick to comment on them.

One person said: “No. 1 was seriously impressive,” with a mindblown emoji.

Another wrote: “Slow grandma all the way.”

“I absolutely fill it in at my own pace and ignore the rush. I will pay when I am ready,” said a third viewer.

While one user revealed: “I have tried the slow grandma and the given up, didn’t work.”

Someone else suggested: “Just put the fruits, veggies and bread last. Whatever they have to weigh or count slows them down.”

We’ll keep that in mind.

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