All Your Favorite Shows Inside Of Shows Can Now Be Found On ‘Nestflix’

Even if you’ve never been in a television writer’s room, you can tell one of their favorite activities is making up fake shows that they most certainly do not write for. The names are almost always absurd, and while we may never get much more than a name or fake title card, these shows and movies that do not exist can become beloved to fans of real shows.

The Itchy and Scratchy Show, for example, is a mainstay of The Simpsons canon that’s seen some actual shorts appear in the show itself. And its in-universe production has been part of the plot of The Simpsons itself. Other shows haven’t been nearly as important a focal point but have become running jokes among the show’s characters and fans.

And now there’s a very convenient way to see what those shows would look like if they actually existed. Lynn Fisher, a graphic designer, shared online earlier this week that she’s created Nestflix, a Wiki that looks a lot like Netflix that’s a collection of shows inside of shows. Nested shows, if you will.

The examples she shared on Twitter are pretty great, including ones from Home Alone and Scott Pilgrim.

A scroll through the site has shows listed in proper categories like action and drama and even gives them fun landing pages with mocked up title cards, just like Netflix does for its library. Here’s a favorite from 30 Rock, the difficult-to-pronounce drama The Rural Juror.


Fisher called it “a wiki doing some cosplay” so hopefully the powers that be don’t get too upset at the parody here that’s very close to what Netflix’s actual UI looks like. Because it’s an actually useful collection of titles, all in a fun interactive package that Fisher is actively adding to. And if you like testing yourself about where these inside jokes actually came from, it’s a good way to waste some time browsing for sure.

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