Alligator attacks flying drone; Google CEO Sundar Pichai shares viral video

A video of an alligator grabbing and eating a flying drone has emerged on social media.

Google’s CEO is very active on social media. He often posts engaging content and tweets. Again he surprised his fans and followers by retweeting a video of an alligator eating a drone while flying and smoking from the mouth.

The video is reportedly filmed in Florida shows an alligator catching a flying drone with its jaws. Moments later, the animal starts to chew the device. The alligator, which can be seen munching into the drone’s battery, abruptly becomes shrouded in smoke. It looks like while attempting to shoot a close-up shot of the animal, this incident took place. The founder and former CEO of 3DR, Chris Anderson, shared this video on Twitter. Google CEO retweeted this post without any comments. Take a look.

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