Amazon delivery worker jumps over balcony after being chased by a dog

TikTok has continually provided insight into the real lives and experiences of Amazon employees and delivery drivers, like when one anonymous associate took to TikTok to broadcast employees being admonished for trying to leave “early” — just one minute before break time.

Others have documented the great lengths to which Amazon drivers will go to ensure their assigned packages are delivered, like one in Illinois who devotedly fulfilled his delivery duties despite walking through an especially destructive tornado’s aftermath.

But one video in particular documents one of the more common occurrences Amazon drivers may experience, and it’s not one you might expect. TikTok user @simply4cynthia shared a video of an Amazon driver frozen with fear, as she’s scared of dogs.

“I feel so bad for her I almost cried,” the text overlay reads. “I thought something was wrong with her until I saw the dog.”

In the genuinely heartbreaking video, we witness the delivery woman walk away from the door after leaving a package, then stop short to make a frantic phone call. The viewer doesn’t know why until the large dog enters the scream, prompting her to scream for help and even attempt to jump off the balcony.

“Come help me, come help me,” she whimpers into the speaker phone, saying “no, no, no” as the dog gets closer. Eventually, after screaming for help and even trying to jump, the dog’s owner comes out and takes it inside.

It’s clear by the end of the clip that the dog had no intention of hurting her, but the incident still offers an insightful lesson: Not all dogs are friendly, and there is no way for a delivery person to be able to differentiate. It’s completely understandable to be afraid.

Comments on the video concur.

“People don’t understand how scary it is to be approached by a strange dog,” one viewer commented, “If you have packages coming, lock your animals up.”

“Ok not all dogs are aggressive but people coming to deliver your packages don’t know that,” another user agreed.

“People need to start putting their dogs away,” a third added. “I bet they when they start not to get their packages they will.”

Some users mocked the woman in the comments, however, insisting the dog didn’t seem dangerous. Still, many viewers sided with the delivery driver.

“NOT COOL! GET YOUR DARN DOG,” one wrote, addressing the owner of the dog who insisted the dog was friendly. “That dog has teeth and the lady is a stranger. Not all people like dogs.”

Another viewers, who themselves is afraid of dogs, empathised with the woman in the video.

“I understand her pain because I got bit by a dog when I was FIVE years old and I’m scared of ALL OF THEM,” they wrote.

May this be a lesson and reminder: Keep your dogs inside! You don’t know who’s afraid of them.

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