AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11: Netflix Release Date

Season 11 of the zombie horror series, The Walking Dead, is dropping on AMC on August 22, 2021. The season will also be coming to Netflix in most countries across the world. Read on to find out which regions of Netflix will stream Season 11 of the horror series and when it will be available to watch.

Season 11 of The Walking Dead on AMC

The Walking Dead is based on the comics of the same name and has been a popular series on AMC since it first aired in 2014. Since then, seasons have also aired on Netflix in most regions, including Netflix US. The latest seasons of the zombie horror series have been building the pressure ready for an explosive ending to the show. In fact, The Walking Dead is will be ending with a bang and will have 24 episodes, two more than Season 10.

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With the final season airing on AMC from August 22, 2021, when can fans expect to see it on Netflix? According to Unogs, Season 11 will eventually air on the streaming channel in approximately 26 countries.

In the past, Netflix has received new seasons of The Walking Dead shortly before the next season airs on AMC. However, this time, it won’t be the case. Season 10 dropped on Netflix in July.  In the past, Netflix USA and Netflix Canada have received seasons at the same time. It is likely that this will also be the case with the latest season. However, there is no confirmed date as yet for its arrival on Netflix. However, it is expected that Season 11 will arrive somewhere between August and September 2022.

Synopsis for Season 11

The eleventh season of The Walking Dead will adapt material from issues Nos. 175-193 of the comic series. According to the Walking Dead Wiki, the storyline will focus on the group’s encounter with the Commonwealth, a large network of communities with advanced equipment. The first two episodes are Acheron: Part I and Acheron: Part II and spoilers are as follows:

Episode 1: Daryl will lead a mission team to scavenge the military base he has discovered. Meanwhile, Maggie will tell her story, prompting a new mission for survival that only Negan can lead. For his part, Eugene and his group are being assessed by the Commonwealth’s paramilitary police.

Episode 2: In the second episode, Maggie’s mission takes her team through a subway tunnel. While there, the group is challenged by lurking walkers, along with a recalcitrant Negan. Meanwhile, with Eugene’s group, Yumiko seeks answers about her brother and demands expedited processing into the Commonwealth.

Readers can watch the latest trailer for Season 11 of The Walking Dead here.

What will happen after Season 11 drops?

The Walking Dead is such a sprawling and complicated story, many fans would like to go back to the beginning and binge it all again. However, after Season 11 drops, will the zombie horror series leave the streaming channel? It is expected that The Walking Dead will leave Netflix in around 2026.

In the long term, outside of the US, the show will be exclusive to Disney+. This is where other seasons are available in a number of regions. However, in the USA, it is expected that The Walking Dead will remain exclusively on AMC+.

As a reminder, Season 11 of The Walking Dead will air on AMC on August 22, 2021.

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