Amelia Hamlin ‘Annoyed’ By Scott Disick’s DMs To Kourtney Kardashian’s Ex

Well, we sure don’t blame her. Instead of paying attention to his own relationship, it seems like Scott Disick can’t help but feel distracted over what Kourtney Kardashian is doing with her man, Travis Scott so much so that he DM’s her other ex, Younes Bendjima about it. This has all left Scott’s girlfriend Amelia Hamlin feeling pretty annoyed by it all. Here’s what you need to know.

As many fans know by now, Scott reached out to Younes after seeing photos of Kourtney and Travis making out in Italy. And now one source close to the situation tells ET Online that Amelia wasn’t too happy about the exchange between Scott and Younes.

Amelia Hamlin ‘Annoyed’ By Scott Disick’s DMs To Kourtney Kardashian’s Ex

“Amelia was definitely annoyed by Scott [allegedly] DMing Younes about Kourtney, but she’s not going to do anything about it and they’re still together,” the source tells ET. “They are spending Labor Day in New York and planning to go to The Hamptons and then be in NYC for Fashion Week.”

The source adds, “Scott is trying to move on from the whole situation, but is a little embarrassed that he reached out to Younes and that he posted their exchange.”

Earlier this week, a separate source admitted that Scott has been feeling quite “salty” about Kourtney’s relationship with Travis Barker, even though the two of them broke up many, many moons ago.

“Scott has always been a little salty and upset about Kourtney and Travis’ relationship from the beginning,” the source said. “He doesn’t love thinking or talking about it. He tries to focus on his own life as much as possible, but sometimes it feels like it’s in his face and hard to avoid. Seeing Kourtney and Travis get more and more serious and her move on in this intense way has been a bit of a sore subject.”

Kourtney herself, meanwhile, has not made any comments about the matter.

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