Amelia Hamlin Tries To ‘Blend In’ While Clad In Tie-Dye Crop Top & Pants

Amelia Hamlin took to her Instagram page Monday evening to share another sexy update with her fans. She showcased her chiseled physique while dressed in yet another sexy ensemble. However, she wore something that had a little more coverage than her usual lingerie set this time.

Young & Beautiful

In the stunning photos, Amelia slayed in a green-and-white, tie-dye crop top. The garment clung to her ample bust and put her flat tummy and impressive abs on full display. Notably, the triangle-cut cups failed to cover the entirety of her chest that a glimpse of her sideboob was seen from the side angle, and the plunging neckline showcased her cleavage.

On the other hand, the matching pants were tight around her slender hips with a semi-high-waisted design. It had a straight cut and ran loose from the thighs down her legs.

The 20-year-old model added to the look with several accessories, including her favorite tennis necklace and bracelets. Some fans noticed that Amelia has a thing for watches just like her boyfriend Scott Disick, as she wore a chunky one in almost all of her outfits.

Taking Advantage Of The Summer Sunshine

Amelia was photographed outdoors while clad in her revealing ensemble. In the first pic, she stood next to the elevated swimming pool, leaning on it and using her arm to support her body. The babe also placed her left foot forward and bent her knee as she looked straight into the lens.

The second photo featured Amelia planting her hands on the pool’s ledge. She still gazed at the camera and offered a sultry look with her lips slightly parted. Her flawless tan glowed under the bright sunshine. Lush greenery filled the picture’s background, with a few loungers seen behind her.

The influencer wore her long, brunette locks down, parted in the center, and styled mostly straight. The ends cascaded over her shoulders and down her back, grazing her bust and waist.

Amelia also opted for light makeup for the occasion. The application consisted of black mascara, darkened brows to further define her eyes, and some pink tint on her lips.

“Just trying to blend in,” Amelia wrote in the caption and tagged the clothing label, Boohoo — which was an indication that her set came from the brand.

Many of Amelia’s 1 million-plus followers went tantalizing for the post, clicking the like button more than 17,200 times within only a few hours of posting. Fans also hit up the comments section to leave over 105 messages for her to read, and most of them were compliments.

“You are so beautiful! Keep your light shining bright, and let the negativity roll off your back. The only opinion that matters is God’s and how you feel about yourself. I think you’re amazing!” a fan wrote.

“I’m obsessed! Those abs are poppin’!” added another follower.

“You are so beautiful! Don’t mind those haters. Scott is such a lucky man,” added a third commenter.

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