American is mind-blown that Brits are willing to walk for more than 30 minutes

An American has baffled Brits by asking whether they really “walk so much” after watching an ITV true crime show.

The man posted on Reddit to ask about the difference in culture between the United States and the UK and a screenshot was shared to

He asked whether it was normal to walk somewhere for 30 minutes – and Brits said they thought it was a short walk while Americans seemed to value speed more than comments.

British commenters found the question bizarre, but those across the pond “couldn’t fathom” why they’d choose to go by foot.

The poster said: “Do people really walk this much in the UK?

“I was listening to an ITV true crime podcast yesterday and the person said ‘it was a short walk home about thirty minutes’.”

He continued: “Is that really considered to be a short walk home?

“I can’t fathom walking that far in the US and considering it anything I’d do just to get home.”

Thousands liked the posts and hundreds added their two cents to the debate.

An American wrote: “Why would I ever want to get somewhere slower? Maybe it’s a cultural thing but I just entirely cannot fathom the idea.”

“Because it’s good for you? It’s cheaper? Better for the environment, “ retorted a Brit. “So many reasons why walking a short distance is better than driving it.”

Most Americans said they’d prefer to drive

Another commented: “30 minutes is only a mile and a half, you’re joking aren’t you? I take my dog longer walks.”

Another person wrote: “Remember a Scottish aunt visiting family in the States and she decided to go for a walk one morning, 20 minutes later a police car drew up along side her and asked what she was doing.”

And, a Brit said: “I’m completely weirded out by the Americans tweeting about why don’t we just drive instead of walking.

“I mean, isn’t walking kind of natural to many humans, or has the automobile become a part of the human condition in the US?”

While an American noted: “Grew up in South Carolina suburbia in a supposedly “unwalkable city”. Walked everywhere or took the bus.

“Americans just hate walking or are embarrassed. They complain when in Europe.”

The Brits stated that they often walked to avoid cab fares or buses
The Brits stated that they often walked to avoid cab fares or buses

Some even pointed out that in lots of areas in the USA there wasn’t a path by the road or you weren’t permitted to cross large roads.

One bloke said: “This one I do get, because so much of the US has been designed for cars not people.

“I stayed outside Cincinnati a few years ago and it blew my mind that ‘suburban’ and ‘literally no available way to walk the mile or two into the city’ could coexist.”

However, an honest Brit ended the debate and said: “To be fair 30 mins is pushing the bounds of ‘short walk’…it’s borderline.”

What do you think – is 30 minutes unfathomable to walk? Tell us in the comments…

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