American Pickers’ Frank Fritz & Mike Wolfe are unrecognizable in 80s high school yearbook photos as former friends feud

AMERICAN Pickers’ Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe look unrecognizable in their 1980s high school yearbook photos, as the former childhood friends’ feud rages on.

Frank, 57, and Mike, 57, both attended Bettendorf High School in Iowa, as the stars were childhood friends before they starred on History Channel’s American Pickers together for a decade.



Frank Fritz looked unrecognizable in his 80s high school yearbook photosCredit: Bettendorf High School Yearbook

Mike Wolfe went to Bettendorf High School in Iowa with Frank before they appeared on American Pickers


Mike Wolfe went to Bettendorf High School in Iowa with Frank before they appeared on American PickersCredit: Bettendorf High School Yearbook

In Frank’s 1980 sophomore yearbook photo exclusively obtained by The Sun, he flashed a smirk while sporting long hair and a mustache.

For his 1981 junior yearbook photo, he lost the facial hair but kept his long locks.

Frank cleaned up by 1982 for his senior class photo, as he donned shorter slicked back hair.

He topped the look off with a suit and tie.

As for Mike, he looked just as unrecognizable in his 1980 sophomore yearbook photo.

By 1981, Mike began to mature and let his hair grow longer.

He parted his hair in the middle for his 1982 senior photo, as he also wore a suit and tie.

Frank and Mike grew up together in Davenport, Iowa before they began starring on American Pickers in 2010.


But Frank previously told The Sun that the former friends have been feuding and haven’t spoken in two years.

He said: “I haven’t talked to Mike in two years. He knew my back was messed up, but he didn’t call me up and ask how I was doing. That’s just how it is.

“The show is tilted towards him 1,000 percent. I can’t even bend that far down to show you how much.

“That’s fine. It’s like you’ve got Aerosmith and there’s Steven Tyler and he’s the front man. I found my spot, I’m second and he’s number one on the show. That’s no problem with me, maybe he does have a problem.”


Frank last appeared on American Pickers during a March 2020 episode, as he took time off to recover from back surgery, which left him with 185 stitches and two rods in his spine.

During his time off the show, Frank lost 65 pounds, as he is living a healthier lifestyle and is sober from alcohol.

He told The Sun that he entered rehab for alcohol addiction in Iowa for 77 days and is 11 months sober.

Frank expressed his desire to return to the History show.

He previously told The Sun: “I would like to come back to the show. I was doing it for 11 years.

“I’m 100 percent recovered now and I’m ready to roll and go back on the show.”


But Mike revealed Frank was fired from the show in July.

He wrote on Instagram: “I have known Frank for as long as I can remember, he’s been like a brother to me. The journey that Frank, Dani and I started back in 2009, like all of life, has come with its highs and lows, blessings and challenges, but it has also been the most rewarding.

“The support that you all have given us has been a constant reminder of what the show’s message has always been; thru these places, people, and things we all have a common thread. We’re here to not only take care of the past, but also each other.”

Mike, who owns Antique Archaeology in Nashville, concluded: “I will miss Frank, just like all of you, and I pray for the very best and all good things for him on the next part of his journey.”

Mike previously told The Sun: “We all do care about Frank and we want him back on the show. I would love to talk with him again, we would absolutely love to, but he just can’t get it right.

“Frank is just going through a lot personally with addictions. It’s unfortunate that he’s made decisions that have him the way he is.”

As for Mike, The Sun obtained exclusive first photos of him with new girlfriend Leticia Cline kissing in public.

Mike and Leticia, 42, enjoyed a day of running errands and attending a local parade in his hometown of Le Claire, Iowa on Friday.

On Saturday, they were spotted at a local festival with his mother.

The new romance comes after Mike’s ex Jodi, who he shares one daughter with, filed for divorce from him in November 2020 after 10 years of marriage.

Frank has been fired from American Pickers


Frank has been fired from American PickersCredit: Zachary Maxwell Stertz/History

Frank lost weight and went to rehab during his time off the show


Frank lost weight and went to rehab during his time off the showCredit: Coleman-Rayner

Mike is dating Leticia Cline after his divorce


Mike is dating Leticia Cline after his divorceCredit: Coleman-Rayner

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