American reveals British insults she’s never heard before in viral TikTok

There are many assumptions that other nations have about British people – whether it’s that we consume too much tea and crumpets, or that we all must be from London because we lived in the UK.

Now, our insult habits have been put on blast in the most hilarious way possible.

TikTok user @yorkshirepeach took to the app with a video titled, ‘American in the UK: British insults I’d never heard until I moved here’, to reveal all the new negative terms she’s learned from Brits.

She opens the video by saying “w***ker” – or rather “waynekur” in her American dialect, which one commenter called a “strange delight”.

“Do I say it weird? I can’t get away with saying it, can I?” she says. After a few more attempts, she resorts to a cockney accent and says: “wanka.”

Next, the TikToker moves on to the insult “b***end”, before breaking out into hysterics.

“Why did it take me literally like three years to realise what it even means?”

“I never heard that before I moved here – It’s funny when you think about it, innit”, she added. One fellow TikToker hilariously corrected her in the comments, ‘It’s not British if you don’t put ‘whatta absolute’ before bell***.’

Finally, she explains how she’s never heard the term “wet lettuce” used in a derogatory way in America. “Have you ever thought it through?” she said.

“How bad is wet lettuce, has anyone ever served you a salad and it’s a bit soggy.

“There’s nothing worse than a soggy salad, is there?”

The clip has since gone viral with a whopping 1.7 million views. In the comments, one explained: “Here in the UK, you can pretty much use anything as an insult. I’ve called someone a cheesecake before.”

“My favourite one is ‘they’re as useful as a chocolate teapot’”, another joked.

While a third added: “It’s the same with using words to describe being drunk. It’s all about the way we say it.”

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