Amy Roloff Flaunts Ringless Hand, What’s Up With That?

Amy Roloff’s wedding is in a little over two weeks. But a new photo on her Instagram has fans wondering if something is amiss. Why did Amy Roloff flaunt her ringless hand for all to see? Things aren’t always as they seem. Keep reading and we’ll explain if her wedding is still on. 

Matt Roloff Struggles to Get Wedding Venue Finished 

Amy Roloff’s quest to marry her fiance Chris Marek hasn’t been easy. The couple planned to tie the knot in 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic stopped those plans for many would-be brides, Amy included. 

Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram

When it was time to plan a 2021 wedding, the Little People, Big World star ran into more roadblocks. Finding a wedding venue on your chosen wedding date is difficult in ANY year. But in the year after the pandemic, available venues were even harder to find. 

Matt Roloff to the rescue! 

Amy’s ex-husband, Matt Roloff, suggested she marry Chris on the Roloff Farms. The LPBW matriarch was extremely resistant to that idea, mainly due to the bad memories from her marriage to Matt. However, with no other choice, Amy Roloff accepted her ex’s offer. 

Instead of having the wedding on an existing structure, Matt Roloff decided to build an entirely new building for Amy’s wedding. Construction hit a snag when he had to leave unexpectedly to check on his elderly parents. 

With just 16 days until Amy’s wedding, it’s possible the wedding venue may not be completed in time. Matt Roloff is pushing hard to meet the deadline, but it’s not a sure thing. 

Chris Marek and Amy Roloff’s Tense Wedding Planning 

Another wrinkle in Amy’s dream wedding was disagreements with Chris about the details. LPBW viewers weren’t surprised at all that Amy wants everything her way. That led to Chris feeling left out of his own big day. 

The couple disagreed on many aspects of wedding planning. For example, Chris thought Amy’s ex should get an invitation to the wedding. However, she didn’t want Matt there. Who won that battle? Did Matt Roloff get an invitation to Chris and Amy’s wedding? 

Wedding favors was another bone of contention between the pair. Amy Roloff plans to give guests a hand-painted rock as a wedding favor. Chris didn’t love the idea and tried to suggest each guest receive two party favors. Amy quickly shot that idea down and it seems wedding guests will get a rock to remember Chris and Amy’s wedding. 

Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram

But wait, is the wedding still on? Amy Roloff isn’t wearing her engagement ring in her latest photo. 

Amy Roloff Flaunts Ringless Hand – Where’s Her Engagement Ring? 

LPBW fans are freaking out over Amy’s missing engagement ring. Her wedding to Chris Marek has had a lot of bumps in the road. Do they still plan to get married on August 28, 2021? 

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief. The wedding is still on. Amy hasn’t lost her engagement ring or canceled the wedding. Rather, it seems that her engagement ring is getting an upgrade. 

She does flaunt her ringless hand in the photo below from her Instagram Stories. However, she explains that her engagement ring is at the jewelers. She says that she “can’t wait to see what it looks like as a wedding ring.”

Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram

So, it seems that her engagement ring will double as a wedding ring. Did she spend so much on her wedding that she can’t afford an engagement ring and a wedding ring? 

It appears that Amy Roloff was flaunting her ringless hand out of excitement for her wedding. 

TLC has yet to reveal if the Little People, Big World cameras will be filming the wedding. 

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