Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 5 photo: Pamela meets the Codys

Animal KingdomTomorrow night on Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 5, prepare yourself for more of Pamela Johnson! She met Deran on the most-recent episode of the TNT series, and it seems like she’s going to be sitting down with more of his family soon.

The image above is one of many from Sunday night’s new episode, and it features the modern-day version of Pamela speaking with some of the family. You can see both Deran and J in this photo, and it looks as though Craig could be sitting behind the two of them.

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So what’s going to happen with all of these characters? We know that Pamela has inherited all of Smurf’s empire, just like we know that the Cody Boys are far from thrilled at the idea of this. She may try to come to an agreement with them, but knowing these guys, they are going to be reluctant to agree to any of her ideas. They just want the money outright.

While Pamela may be an adversary in the eyes of many people out there, we certainly think she’s important to the story right now. The world of Animal Kingdom is infinitely better when there are adversaries in the mix and she could be one of the better ones we have — she has a history with Smurf but isn’t beholden to her ideology. She knew her game, judging from where she was living when Deran visited her, it’s fair to say that she’s done really well for herself over the years.

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