Animation and Gaming Fans Mourn Murdered Voice Actress Christiane Louise

Animation and gaming fans around the world are paying tribute to Christiane Louise, the Brazilian voice actress best known for her roles in Overwatch and other popular video games, after she was killed in Rio de Janeiro in early August. She was 49. According to reports, the suspect, Pedro Paulo Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa, was later arrested in connection to the case.

At this time, details of Louise’s death remain unclear, though reports claim she was tragically murdered in her apartment with a broken chalice on Aug. 6. Vasconcellos da Costa and his mother Eliane Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa, who is also believed to have been involved but has not yet been taken into police custody, reportedly kept Louise’s body in their home for two days before eventually attempting to hide the body. When Louise was found, she was said to have been dead for multiple days. Vasconcellos da Costa is said to have admitted to killing Louise, though he claimed self-defense. Police, however, believe Vasconcellos da Costa killed Louise for her inheritance and other belongings. Authorities reportedly uncovered Louise’s computers and cell phones at Eliane Gonçalves’ home. Eliane Gonçalves has not been found.

As police continue their search for Eliane Gonçalves, fans have taken to social media to react to Louise’s tragic death. The voice actress was best known for providing the voice of Mercy in Overwatch. She also voiced Cortana in the Halo series and Sivir in League of Legends. Louise also held several TV credits, including having portrayed Helen Lovejoy on The Simpsons and Daisy Duck in numerous Disney animated productions, as well as several others. Keep scrolling to see the fan tributes to Louise.

“Rest in peace to Christiane Louise who voiced Mercy, Cortana, and many other characters,” tweeted one fan. “You voiced my main in Overwatch, and I will be forever grateful. ‘Heroes never die.'”


“THIS IS FOR HER!” wrote another person. “In loving memory of Christiane Louise!! the Brizzaian Mercy Voice Actor. May she find peace and justice.”


“She didn’t deserve that ending,” tweeted another. “Hope she can rest peacefully, even though she wasn’t meant to rest so soon.”


“Rest in peace the most beautiful and peaceful kindness meme voice actor,” tweeted somebody else. “She made the truce strat possoble for a game as overwatch and mercy was a masterpiece. Rest in piece.”


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