Argos shoppers are in stitches over this VERY honest blackout curtain review

CUSTOMER reviews are one of the biggest benefits of online shopping – no longer do you have to try and test things as you can get a prior warning.

 However, one man has given a very honest review on a pair of curtains, that have left readers in hysterics.


Argos blackout curtains received an usual reviewCredit: Argos

The man commented in the review section of blackout curtains for sale in Argos, which were described on the website as suitable for those who wanted a dark room for a good night’s sleep.

The £15 curtains had very good reviews with over 1,400 customers giving the product four stars out of five, but one review stood out from the crowd.

It read: “These blackout curtains are great, especially when you wake up next to someone you wish you hadn’t, you can’t see anything.”

In the review details, it was revealed that this comment was made by someone in the age category of 55-64 and from the Margate area.

The review that was shared on Reddit with the caption “Wasn’t expecting to read this in curtain reviews” was met with a range of comments.

“The age makes it” commented one person.

 Another Reddit user said: “not to pre-judge but I firmly believe that due to the age, the “someone” they wish they hadn’t woken up next to is their husband/wife.”

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One man's curtain review is a bit TMI for readers


One man’s curtain review is a bit TMI for readersCredit: Reddit
Readers were not expecting the review on Argos curtains


Readers were not expecting the review on Argos curtainsCredit: Getty
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