As a tenth of Brits have had no intimacy for three years, here’s our A-Z Guide to reboot your sex life

STUCK in a sex slump? If so, you are not alone.

More than a tenth of the nation have had NO intimacy – anything from a kiss to sex – for more than THREE YEARS.


We give you an A-Z guide on how to reboot your sex life if you have been stuck in a slumpCredit: Getty

The reason is a loss of libido caused by tiredness, bad mental health and negative body image.

Work pressures, menopause and performance anxiety are also wreaking havoc in the bedroom. But what can give your mood, and sex drive, that much-needed lift?

Sun Sexpert Georgette Culley gives her A-Z guide to reboot your sex life . . . 

Just ten minutes each day lying naked together in bed can boost sexual attraction and closeness


Just ten minutes each day lying naked together in bed can boost sexual attraction and closenessCredit: Shutterstock

A is for ANGLING: No, not fishing. This sex technique involves the woman rotating, and raising or lowering the pelvis, to control depth of penetration — and is scientifically proven to help women orgasm.

B is for BREATHING: Deep breaths boost circulation to your nether regions, making your orgasm more intense and longer. Next time you’re struggling to reach climax, take note of your breath and whether you are holding it in. If you are, just try breathing more deeply.

C is for COMMUNICATION: This is key to any sexual interaction but even more so when it comes to new experiences. You should always speak with your partner about what you do and don’t feel comfy with when deciding to play in new ways.

D is for VITAMIN D: The “sunshine vitamin” — absorbed from the sun, or by popping a pill in winter — is essential to both men and women for looking after our bones, brain, immune system and libido.

E is for ETHICAL PORN: Porn can be a great mood-setter but the mainstream sort will often focus on male pleasure. Instead, check out JoyBear’s erotic films, which focus on female pleasure. Membership is £25 for 30 days, or £50 for 90 days.

F is for FLIRT: Flirting is often alive at the start of a relationship but fades later on. Send your partner a flirty text during the day. Anticipation is the best natural aphrodisiac we have and building it up can be a real positive for desire.

G is for GAMES: You don’t need to spend a fortune to have fun in the bedroom. Create your own free, sexy game such as Truth or Dare and find out what really turns your partner on.

H is for HANDS-FREE: These sophisticated sex toys can elevate your foreplay to a whole new level. Take advantage of your free hands and new angles that seemed impossible with older toys. Try the We-Vibe Jive app-controlled rechargeable love egg vibrator, £99, from

I is for INTIMACY: Just ten minutes each day lying naked together in bed can boost sexual attraction and closeness. A kiss and cuddle is also a great way to reconnect and let your partner know that you desire them.

J is for JAVA: Two cups of coffee a day can boost sexual desire in women and help with erectile dysfunction in men.

K is for KINK: Three-quarters of men and two thirds of women reckon they have a kinky side. Experiment with yours by trying bondage role-play, and invest in a pair of handcuffs. Start slow. Check out the comfortably fun black furry handcuffs, £8.99, from Bondara.

L is for LIST: Down-load lists of “sex menus” online or, even better, make your own. It can be a conversation-starter for new things that you might like to try.

M is for MINDFUL SEX: Our brain is our biggest sexual organ so it’s important to look after it. Studies show that meditation increases women’s desire, arousal, lubrication and sexual satisfaction.

N is for NATURAL LUBRICANT: Some lubricants are made from harmful chemicals that can affect sperm function. Try the herb shatavari which replenishes the body for women, balances hormones, combats dryness and acts as a natural lubricant downstairs. Organic India’s shatavari, 90 capsules, is £12.74 from

O is for OYSTERS: These are a natural aphrodisiac that can lift more than your mood. They are packed with amino acids that are known to stimulate sexual desire in both men and women.

P is for PEPPERS: The humble vegetable is, along like many fruits, packed with vitamin C, which has been scientifically proven to boost libido and sexual stamina.

Q is for QUICKIE: This is a great way to reignite that passionate “just-met” spark. Try shower sex — this way you can get down and dirty while getting yourselves clean. Perfect for time-strapped couples.

R is for RESEARCH: If you are curious about sex, take time to read up on the subject, and compare the information you gather with your partner. A good little read is 52 Things I Want You To Do To Me, from Lovehoney, £6.99.

S is for SENSES: Indulge your senses by changing something in your everyday environment such as texture, smell, temperature, music or lighting — to shift your mood and help to break up routine a bit.

T is for TEASE: The best things come to those who wait, so maybe tempt and tease your partner with a sexy striptease to get them hot under the collar — and that goes for you, too, boys.

U is for UNDERSTANDING: Being open and honest with your partner is the key to great sex. Research shows couples who can talk about their desires have a stronger bond, both in and out of the bedroom.

V is for VANILLA: The aphrodisiacal scent has been used for thousands of years to increase sexual desire. Once you smell it, brain hormones associated with happiness, relaxation and sexual desire will kick in.

W is for WATER: Dehydration makes you feel tired and will kill your mood. Stay hydrated to increase your libido and feelings of pleasure.

Build excitement throughout the day by spamming your partner with sexy messages


Build excitement throughout the day by spamming your partner with sexy messagesCredit: Alamy

X is for X-RATED SEXTS: Build excitement throughout the day by spamming your partner with sexy messages. More than 38 per cent of couples regularly send each other naughty messages and explicit pictures to spice things up.

Y is for YOGA: Turn up the heat with a one-to-one yoga session with your partner. The more you sweat, the more items of clothing you need to remove — making the Downward Dog all that more exciting.

Z is for ZZZ: A good night’s kip has been proven to boost women’s sex drive and if you get lucky before bed you’re more likely to sleep better. An extra hour of shut-eye is reckoned to increase your libido by 14 per cent.

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