Baby chews on hand for survival after mum’s death

A two-month-old baby lay on his dead mother’s chest for days before her body was discovered by police. WARNING: Distressing.

A two-month-old baby has survived for days lying on his mum’s decomposing body by gnawing on his own hand.

American woman Danielle Ward, 29, had been dead for days before she and her baby son were discovered at their Louisville apartment on August 18, police said.

Danielle’s mother Adriane Wade said days before her death, her daughter and baby had been at her house on the 13th.

But the next thing she knew, she was being called by Louisville Metro Police Department to go to her daughter’s apartment to identify her body.

When she arrived, she was told her daughter had been dead for several days and baby Dreseaun was alive and reportedly found lying on top of his mum’s body.

The baby survived by gnawing on his fingers.

“That baby that was in the apartment while she was decomposing, his hand was raw from trying to eat to survive,” Ms Wade said.

The baby is in hospital recovering from dehydration and injuries to his hand.

Adriane said it was “miraculous” her grandson was still alive.

“God is involved. It’s very miraculous. He ate his hand raw. [He was] in there for days without survival techniques,” she said.

On Wednesday, police confirmed that Danielle died of an overdose.

“I can’t believe this is how her week ended,” her mother said. ”I can’t believe it happened this quick. Life is so short, and it happened just like that.”

Dreseaun is expected to make a full recovery.

This story first appeared on The US Sun and has been republished with permission

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