Bachelor in Paradise alum Blake Horstmann accuses producers of ‘editing a BUG’ into Tahzjuan Hawkins’ hair on premiere

BLAKE Horstmann has accused Bachelor in Paradise producers of “editing a BUG” into Tahzjuan Hawkin’s hair to create drama.

The ABC show returned Monday night with the season premiere after a year-long hiatus.

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Blake accused BiP of ‘editing a bug’ into a sceneCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The fly was buzzing around Tahzjuan's head


The fly was buzzing around Tahzjuan’s headCredit: Instagram

Blake, 32, made a shocking allegation against Bachelor franchise producers as he claimed the show “edited a BUG” into a scene to add interest.

The BiP alum screen-recorded the intimate scene between Tahzjuan Hawkins, 25, and Tré Cooper, 26, where a fly intercepted their conversation.

While Tré did his best to locate a bug that was bothering his companion, Blake made hilarious commentary on the scene which he called “fake.”

“Guys was this bug edited in? This does not look real,” he told his fans.

“Wait the f**k….GUYS! That was a computer-generated bug,” he ranted, adding: “We’re rewinding that.”

“They’re now editing bugs into this f**king show?” Blake joked, captioning his post: “Hold the f**k on. Guys that bug wasn’t real.”

He continued: “No, I don’t think that’s real guys. You guys. That is fake! That is a fake bug.”

“Bugs don’t move like that. No way producers. Like why even do that?” he asked.

However, Tahzjuan was quick to defend her scene as she then hopped on her own stories to refute Blake’s claim of fakery.

“Can we take a minute to discuss the bug? Bug Gate? Bug debacle?” she began sarcastically.

“That was a REAL bug. There was no CGI at all. I don’t freak out at weird nonexistent things, so definitely a real bug. No CGI, thanks Tré for helping me out,” she continued.

Tahzjuan then clapped back at the accuser, saying: “Blake, we gotta get you a new TV.”

Bachelor in Paradise returned on Monday after a year-long hiatus as former contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette get a second chance at love.

The cast will have the chance to explore potential new relationships all while enjoying a remote Mexican vacation.

David Spade hosted the first episode, revealing the 23 initial cast members that have kicked off the new season.

Up to 20 newcomers will join the original crew throughout the coming weeks, including Kendall Long who was teased as a late arrival in the trailer.

At the end of the premiere episode, no contestant was sent home.

Bachelor season 25 “villain” Victoria Larson stole the show during the first episode, as she relinquished her famous “Queen” title for “Goddess.”

However, fans were disturbed to see the reality star wearing a Bindi on her forehead during one of her solo scenes.

Many rushed to Twitter to slam the TV personality for “cultural appropriation” as she danced on a throne made of ropes.

“Victoria wearing a bindi on #bachelorinparadise ok I guess we’re bringing the cultural appropriation from Coachella this season,” one complained.

“Yes because all that was left for Victoria to conquer was appropriation,” a second agreed.

Victoria was eliminated during episode six of Matt James’ season after she was accused of “bullying” her castmates.

Tahzjuan clapped back at Blake


Tahzjuan clapped back at BlakeCredit: Instagram

She confirmed the insect was 'real'


She confirmed the insect was ‘real’Credit: Instagram

No one was eliminated during the first episode


No one was eliminated during the first episodeCredit: Getty


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