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Bachelorette favorite Tyler Cameron is ‘in talks to be the next Bachelor’ after model’s recent split from Camila Kendra

BACHELORETTE fan-favorite Tyler Cameron is “in talks to be the next Bachelor” after the model’s recent split from Camila Kendra, The Sun can reveal. 

The 28-year-old standout of Hannah Brown’s 2019 season has not become the lead or appeared on spinoff Bachelor In Paradise despite “constantly” being asked to join. 


Tyler Cameron is ‘in talks’ to become the next Bachelor after his recent split from Camila KendraCredit: Tyler Cameron/Instagram
The TV hunk became the breakout star on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette


The TV hunk became the breakout star on Hannah Brown’s season of The BacheloretteCredit: Getty

However, with no lead decided yet for next season of The Bachelor, the role is wide open and a source exclusively told The Sun that Tyler is “in talks” to hand out the roses. 

“He’s been execs top choice for years but this is the first time timing worked out for him to do it with him being recently single and in a better place mentally than two years ago,” an insider claimed. 

Just several weeks before he left to film The Bachelorette, Tyler’s dad had a near-death experience which left him with a serious illness. 

“My pops almost died like two months before I came out here. He got really sick and he was in the hospital for like 25 days, he was in a coma for like 10 days. It was tough,” Tyler said on the show. 

The Jupiter, Florida native’s “pops,” as he calls him, was hospitalized on-and-off but fortunately is in a more “stable” state now. 

However, Tyler also tragically lost his mom last year at the age of 55 from a brain aneurysm and has been coping with that difficult loss in the months since. 

The source continued that Tyler – who is best friend with the most recent Bachelor, Matt James – has been “given a verbal offer already” but “he’s thinking it over still.” 

“Nothing is written and signed yet,” they added. 

The offer comes just a week after The Sun exclusively revealed that the reality hunk had split with his model girlfriend, Camila. 

While the insider revealed Tyler had been “approached by the show throughout his relationship with Camila” to be the next Bachelor, that’s “not why they broke up.”

“He’s the #1 lure they have in the whole franchise in terms of being the most universally liked. 

“He hasn’t signed on yet but he’s been told that would be the best thing for the show if he does and could turn the show around,” the source concluded of the franchise’s dark cloud in recent seasons do to accusations of racism and sexism. 


On Tuesday, Bachelor creature Mike Fleiss teased fans that they’re nearing a decision on who the next lead will be. 

“All I can tell you right now is that #BachelorNation will be very happy! Well, maybe not everybody… #TheBachelor,” he tweeted. 

Last week, an insider close to the former couple told The Sun that Tyler and Camila, 22, have “broken up” on “bad terms” after eight months of dating.

The source added the tough decision was “very recent” and “unexpected” to their friends. 

Both Tyler and Camila have already unfollowed each other on Instagram and any trace of their relationship has been scrubbed from their pages. 


There also is a picture, allegedly taken from over the weekend, that shows him partying with a group of ladies with Camila in another state. 

In one snap obtained by Instagram account DeuxMoi, an unidentified blonde woman is “all over him” in a Jacksonville bar, according to an eyewitness. 

Just one week before the breakup, Tyler called Camila his “soulmate” on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Tyler’s rep did not respond to The Sun’s request for comment. 

Camila Kendra and Tyler Cameron 'broke up' after eight months of dating


Camila Kendra and Tyler Cameron ‘broke up’ after eight months of datingCredit: Getty
The Bachelorette favorite has remained a constant fixture with fans since 2019


The Bachelorette favorite has remained a constant fixture with fans since 2019Credit: Splash
Tyler is best friends and roommates with the latest Bachelor, Matt James


Tyler is best friends and roommates with the latest Bachelor, Matt JamesCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron calls girlfriend Camila Kendra his ‘soulmate’

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