Balding bus driver, 29, left in tears after hair replacement ‘takes 7 years off age’

A balding London bus driver choked up after seeing the results of a hair replacement that made him look years younger.

Adam Sinclair started losing his hair when he was 19 years old and resorted to wearing caps “he didn’t suit”.

But, after even lovers dropped hints he should shell out on transplants, the 29-year-old finally decided it was time last Wednesday (August 18).

He teamed up with hair replacement firm Novo Cabelo to reignite his love life – and the transformation was incredible.

In a viral video, Novo Cabelo owner Rob Wood asks the public how old they thought Adam was. The “brutally honest” guesses averaged at 37, with some even saying he was well into his 40s..

The TikTok clip then cuts to Rob attaching one of his £350 “hair systems” – which includes thousands of real black hairs – to his client.

Adam before undergoing the hair replacement

When Adam, who is blindfolded throughout the procedure, sees the finished work, he can’t help but tear up.

Adam, from Forest Gate, East London, said: “It was such a strange sensation to hear scissors around my ears, then when the blindfold came off the shock was unbelievable. I could barely speak.

“I didn’t recognise myself at first, but when I did, I liked what I saw. It was the first time in years I liked what I saw. That was the overwhelming thing. I teared up a lot.”

He admitted it was “hard to hear” people’s predictions about his age but now says girls are flooding his DMs after the video racked up more than 2.1 million views.

He was stunned at the transformation
He was stunned at the transformation

The bus driver added: “I feel a lot more confident in shooting my shot now and attracting women I’d want to be dating. I even had a date on Friday night (August 20).

“A lot of blokes think you’re trying to trick someone, but 2.5million people know I have a hair system and girls do not care. If you’re confident in how you look it shines through.

“Having the following online gave me the confidence to show people you don’t have to be scared to go and try things out. I’m just a bus driver – a normal guy. I’m not a model.”

Rob also admitted Adam’s reaction to the hair transplant was “really emotional”.

He looked a new man after the hair replacement
He looked a new man after the hair replacement

He said he couldn’t wait to get out in public and had become a “different person”.

The life-changing procedure saw Rob gluing the skin-looking material to Adam’s head before cutting the new hair to blend it into the natural back and sides the bus driver had grown out especially for the treatment.

Adam now hopes the video emphasises how balding men should put their apprehensions aside and give hair systems a go.

Rob’s clip, shared to Novo Cabelo’s TikTok, was captioned “turning the clock back for London Bus Driver” and has since racked up more than 200,000 likes and nearly 7,000 comments.

“Oh my goodness this made me cry too,” one wrote. “His overwhelmed emotion is everything. He looks fantastic.”

Another said: “Bless him. He looks so much younger. He looked over 40 before.”

Adam also commented beneath the post: “The guy crying is me. It was overwhelming not recognising myself in the mirror and also not feeling down about by lack of hair.”

Novo Cabelo replied: “You wear it well… and seven years younger mate!!!”

Adam has been a licensed bus driver for five years but only moved back to London shortly before the pandemic began when a previous relationship didn’t work out.

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