Bella Poarch celebrates one year anniversary of viral TikTok that made her famous

TikToker and music artist Bella Poarch celebrated the one-year anniversary of the TikTok that made her famous – a lip sync of Millie B’s ‘M to the B’ – with an iconic duet of the original video.

The TikTok catapulted Poarch to fame after only being on the social media app for four months. To this day, the video remains the most liked and the most viewed on TikTok.

Poarch captioned the celebration saying “1 year ago today! Bee yourself & don’t care what other people think & try new things. Thank you guys for changing my life.”

Poarch’s duet with her original video already has 3.5 million likes and 17.4 million views in just over 21 hours. However, this pales in comparison to the original video.

Poarch’s lip-sync posted on August 18 2020 has over 51.8 million likes, 1.8 million comments, and 1.8 million shares. The video has been viewed over 630 million times.

Bella’s iconic ‘M to the B’ TikTok


#duet with @bellapoarch 1 year ago today!🐝 Bee yourself & don’t care what other people think & try new things. Thank you guys for changing my life.

♬ M to the B – Millie B

Poarch now stands at number 4 in the follower rankings on TikTok with over 78 million followers. The number of views on videos related to Bella Poarch stands at more than 8.7 billion.

TikTok’s official account commented below Poarch’s video to congratulate her on the anniversary saying “YES Bella” and “omg it’s already been a year!?”

However, Poarch didn’t just stop there using the exposure that came with TikTok to launch her music career. She has released two singles as a solo artist titled ‘Build a B***h’ and more recently ‘Inferno’. She has also described big artists like Lizzo as a role model.

She has also kept herself busy collaborating with other artists on TikToks and recently sent the internet wild with a Pokemon-themed TikTok.


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