Bella Poarch fans bewildered by bizarre food obsession in viral TikTok

TikToker-turned-musician Bella Poarch took to TikTok to reveal she loves to drink pickle juice using the viral “Good Soup” audio.

Over a year since she blew up on the social media platform, Poarch has certainly kept herself busy using her following to kickstart a music career. Since then she has gone on to release two singles, ‘INFERNO’ and ‘Build a B*tch.’

Poarch is known for her viral TikToks which she posts to her more than 80 million followers. Her most-watched video is the top video on TikTok in terms of likes and views, something she paid tribute to in August.

Poarch is ranked at number four in terms of TikTokers with the most followers gaining an average of 800,000 followers per week.

However, Poarch went to TikTok this week to post about her love of pickle juice and asked fans whether it was “weird to like pickle juice?”

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Is it weird to like pickle juice?🤔

♬ good soup – MARVEL FANS

In Poarch’s TikTok, which features the singer in her signature hair buns and a kimono, she drinks from a pickle jar while using viral audio. The audio, called “good soup” originally comes from a film clip featuring Adam Driver and has been used over 44,000 times.

It seems Bella Poarch isn’t the only one based on the comments. One fan commented saying “I drink pickle juice when I finish all the pickles” while another said, “pickles are bussin!”

Not everyone was down for it with several fans saying “not me” while another said “literally no one” likes the stuff. One funny comment read “why do all the pretty girls love pickle juice.”

The video already has over half a million likes and more than 3.5 million views even though it was only posted on August 5. Poarch’s videos regularly get more than ten million views.

YouTube: Bella Poarch

Build a B*tch was Poarch’s first song and has become a huge hit, especially on TikTok.

Her songs ‘Build a B*tch’ and ‘INFERNO’ have both been used millions of times on the platform. ‘Build a B*tch’ is Poarch’s more popular song having been used nearly 5 million times and charted in multiple countries.

Poarch recently went viral after posting a TikTok in a Pokemon costume that sent fans wild. She also spoke out about the hate singer Lizzo received for her ‘Rumors’ music video and called Lizzo a role model.

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