Best Diapers For Sensitive Skin 2020 Reviews | Top 5 Disposable Diapers – Buying Guide


A diaper is one of the most important accessories to have for a baby. There are numerous kinds of diapers in the market today. There are pre-fold diapers, pocket diapers, diapers with inserts, and liners to help protect the baby’s skin. Choosing the right diapers for a baby’s sensitive skin might not be an easy task. The most important factor to remember is that the diaper should keep the baby dry without irritating the skin.

With the skin sensitivity as the most important factor to consider, there are other factors like cost, materials used to make the diaper, baby’s comfort, safety,  age, and size of the baby. This guide on diapers for sensitive skin will cover everything you need to know so that you can choose the best among the many brands in the market. 

Top 5 Diapers For Sensitive Skin

1. Pampers Swaddlers

These pamper offer a wide range of sizes with a recommended weight of eight to fourteen pounds. They are 2x softer and can protect your child for up to 12 hours with no burns at all. Other features include the heart quilts that provide soft and comfort a baby may need while asleep, crawling, or walking. It as well pulls wetness and any mess away just when the kid helps him/herself. 

Air channels ensure there is optimal airflow to and from the baby’s skin, this will keep them dry and comfortable till the next change. The wetness indicator will signal when it’s the right time to change the toddler, you need not guess anymore. It as well gives you a chance to protect the babies’ delicate belly with a perfect fit from the umbilical cord notch.

  • Dimensions:  14.8 x 13.3 x 11.4 inches
  • Weight: 9.4 pounds 
  • Size: 1 (198 count)
  • Lasting time: 12 hours
  • Soft and comfortable 
  • Umbilical notch to protect the delicate baby stomach 
  • Dry and comfy 
  • Swaddlers shows you the right time to change the diaper 
  • In case of loose straps the baby can easily pull off the pamper 


2. Mama Bear Best Fit

Mama bear diapers come fully packed with 36 diapers all size 4 for babies with approximately 10-17kgs. In case you are a new mother and you would like to try these diapers, you should make sure you have the right size of your baby. In case the current size snugs up, then you must size up since a tighter size provides an extra absorbency. 

They are soft with stretchy sides to ensure they secure perfectly in that the baby cannot pull it off at all. It will give your kid a leakage protection that lasts for 12 good hours. Since the baby skin is delicate, these diapers are gentle and soft hence giving your baby a comfortable environment. Just like the above products, they are also fitted with a wetness indicator that shows you the right time for a change. They are free from rubber latex, fragrances and elemental chlorine.

  • Size: 4 (144 count) 
  • Dimensions: 17 x 9.2 x 15.9 inches
  • Weight: 11.3 pounds 
  • 12-hour leakage protection
  • Right fit for every size
  • Gentle, soft and hypoallergenic 
  • Full-time air circulation offers the baby maximum comfort 
  • Cheap
  • May leave gel-like material on the baby skin if not changed for longer periods


3. Huggies Little Snugglers

Are you a busy mum and you need a diaper you can trust? This one may be what you are looking for. It is recommended for all active babies who are always on the move since it is fitted with a redesigned secure fit with stretchy and soft sides. The total package contains one pack of 198 size 1 diapers for small babies of 6 kilograms. 

It is fitted with a gently absorb liner that protects the baby’s skin by clearing away all the mess. A pocketed waistband handles all the mess and prevents the diaper from busting. They are hypoallergenic breathable yet soft hence there is extreme airflow to the babies skin at all times. The pack is lotion-free, fragrance-free and free from any elemental choline.

  • Weight: 0.18 ounce 
  • Dimensions: 9 x 21.5 x 14.8 inches
  • Size: Size 1 (198 Count)
  • Easy to change and strap 
  • Continuous airflow protects the babies skin
  • Soft, smooth and fragrance-free
  • They only do 6 kilograms and below babies


4. Huggies Snug & Dry

If your baby is already taking some crawling steps and they are always on the move you need a diaper that is strong enough to stick around. Huggies snug and dry diapers are a perfect fit for babies with 16-28 lbs. It can support the baby mess for up to 12 hours with no leak or residue on the babies skin whichever.

They also feature a fast absorption to help keep the baby dry and comfortable. A wetness indicator is another feature that signals you when it’s the right time to change the diaper. A contoured shoal ensures there is zero leakage when the baby is sleeping, walking or crawling.

  • Weight: 11.8 pounds 
  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 19.5 x 16.8 inches
  • Size: Size 3 (200 Count)
  • Style: New Pack
  • Provide a tight grip that prevent any leakages
  • Uses wetness indicator to show when to change the diaper 
  • Easy to change 
  • Comfortable
  • They have no size up indicator 
  • No double grip strip


5. Luvs Ultra Leak guards

Luvs Ultra Leak guards are newborn diapers that fit best babies with 8-10 pounds. They feature a night lock technology that locks wetness for up to 12 hours. Since a newborn baby’s skin is delicate, they are super soft and give out a comfy feel. Just like the other products of the same kind, this is fitted with a wetness indicator that turns blue when it gets wet. Straps are larger and longer to enhance a secure snug fit. You will get two fun designs in each pack.

  • Dimensions: 13.3 x 14.7 x 13.6 inches
  • Weight: 9.06 pounds
  • Triple leak guards 
  • Size: 1(252 count)
  • Night lock for overnight protection
  • Easy to change and dispose 
  • It is softer and comfy 
  • Larger stretch and resettable tabs to securely hold the snag. 
  • The diaper looks cute without any leak
  • They are only limited to newborn



Buying Guide: Diapers For Sensitive Skin

Parents with newborns should always consider comfortability and the absorbency of the diaper as they try to experiment with the best diaper until they get the right one for their baby’s skin. Diapers with contoured fit and stretchy sides are great. Well-designed elastic sides protect against a leak. This is a very important feature as a leaky diaper can cause the baby’s skin to come in contact wetness leading to irritation of the skin. Diapers with double elastic sealing around the legs and the waist also prevent unnecessary leaks. Does the diaper have the ability to absorb as much pee as possible? This is a question parents should be able to ask themselves while shopping for diapers. Good absorbency enables the diaper not to sag even when full. This absorbency the feature also helps prevents unnecessary leaks that can lead to diaper rash on the baby’s bottom.

Skin sensitivity

Newborns’ skins are always sensitive to many fragrances and petroleum-based lotion. As they grow, the skin sensitivity reduces and they can use items that are mildly perfumed. Some disposable diapers contain mild fragrance and petroleum-based lotion that is meant to protect the baby’s bottom from pee and poop. Some diapers with these fragrances irritate the skin, especially when used on newborns or babies with skin sensitivity issues. It is strongly recommended that when buying diapers for newborns go for ones that are labeled hypoallergenic, dye-free, and fragrance-free. Parents and babies who are sensitive to smell can get the best from hypoallergenic diapers as they are skin-friendly.

Wetness indicator

Today, diapers come with new and improved technology like bells and whistles for wetness indicator. This technology alerts a parent when the baby’s diaper is full and requires a change. This is one of the best inventions in the diaper industry for first-time moms and parents with babies with sensitive skin. It is a treasure as you don’t have to keep checking the baby or question if it is time for a diaper change. Some diapers can change the color to show it is full and needs to be changed. The wetness indicator is always yellow when the diaper is dry and eventually turns blue when it has absorbed maximum pee and it is now time for a change.



Types of Diapers

Diapers have evolved and today there are different types to choose from according to baby’s needs and age. They come as diaper pants that are easily worn like shorts and are very suitable for babies learning to crawl as they are easy to move around with. Some are water-resistant that allows the babies to swim freely without getting heavy and soggy. Some diapers are made to be extra dry with special absorbent to allow parents on flights or when outdoor not change all the time as they absorb pee very well. The trick is to know your needs as a parent and the baby’s needs to pick the right type of diaper.

Brand of the diaper

Different brands have been in the market for different years. The brands that have been in the market for long are experts in diaper production as they have done extensive research and used the newest and the safest technology.  Consider buying known brands as opposed to local brands in the local supermarket. Check for softness and breathability of the diapers of each brand as this will make sure the baby is comfortable. 


While shopping for diapers always remember that high prices do not translate to great quality and a lot of diapers are going to be used until the baby starts to potty train. This means you will spend a lot of money on diapers over time. The secret to spending less on diapers is buying in bulk, as the largest package comes with the best price value. Due to the sensitivity of the baby’s skin try different brands as you buy in smaller packages until you finally find the one suitable for your baby’s skin. Remember there are cheaper brands of diapers that are of high quality and are not made of materials that are sensitive to the skin. There are store brand diapers that guarantee money back if the baby is affected, always maximizes on such opportunities. 


Different materials are used to make different types of brands. While buying diapers for your baby read the material it is made of. Consider ones that are made of biodegradable materials or chlorine-free material. These diapers are effective for babies of all skin types as they do not contain a lot of chemicals that can harm the baby’s skin. There are also diapers made with renewable resources that have minimal packaging. This is a great deal for eco-conscious parents. Some brands make latex-free disposable diapers that have a cloth-like feel and absorb pee so well. These types also prevent diaper rash very well.


Diapers’ sizes and the baby’s age

The baby’s age always dictates the size of the diapers to be used. For newborns always go for diapers that have the umbilical cord cut out. These diapers have divot at the waistbands to make room for the baby’s umbilical cord hence it heals faster. As the babies grow you can move to overnight disposable diapers for use at night. When they reach 4 months, babies tend to sleep for long hours unlike newborns that wake up after some hours, and changing them is easy. Overnight disposable diapers last up to 12 hours locking leaks without irritating the baby’s bum.


Disposable Diaper safety every parent should know

Health and safety for babies is a priority for parents. It should be considered always when purchasing diapers for your babies. Although most diapers have been designed to provide comfort and maximum safety it is always advisable to take precautions as the baby’s skin is very sensitive.

Always do frequent diaper changes to prevent diaper rash. Wet diapers cause rashes on sensitive skin hence the baby feels irritated.

Always buy disposable diapers that are made from safe material. Today, eco-friendly diapers made of non-toxic materials and chemicals that safe and gentle to the baby’s skin are available in local departmental stores and supermarkets

If your baby’s skin is allergic and sensitive to scents consider disposable diapers without fragrance or with a mild fragrance and are chlorine-free. This will ensure there are no irritations experienced by the baby. Ensure you read the labels on the diapers to ensure they are fragrance-free. 

Ensure you do not use them for long to allow for easy potty training for babies.


Advantages of disposable diapers over cloth diapers

Unlike cloth diapers that are cotton cloths, disposable diapers are made of a new technology of special crystal that pulls the liquid away from the baby’s bum. They have high absorption compared to cloth diapers hence it is very rare for the baby’s skin to come in contact with wetness.

Today, disposable diapers are readily available in different departmental stores and supermarkets with different brands to choose from. You will be spoilt for choices unlike the cloth diapers that losing popularity and therefore hard to find the stock in your local stores.

Disposable diapers are extremely efficient as they do not require washing and drying after use. You simply fold and toss after use and have the next one. Cloth diapers are not meant to be disposed of after use hence takes a lot of time and energy to clean and dry.

Disposable diapers are easy to use and safe on newborn babies and old ones as they are made of materials that are not harmful to the baby’s skin.   

They are easy to carry around and so offer convenience when parents are going out with their babies.

Babies cannot convey feelings as adults. They easily become irritable, cranky, and uncomfortable when they become wet so as you shop for the diaper ensure you get the right one for your little ones. 95% of parents have chosen the disposable diapers over the cloth diapers so you have made the right decision for your baby. Explore the different brands available in the market until you find the right one for your baby.


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