Best Men’s Sandals For Walking 2020 Reviews | 5 Most Comfortable Men’s Sandals


The winter season is gone, so toodles to your high boots and covered shoes! Thank God, it’s finally the time for your feet to breathe again in your favorite pair of sandals.

On that note, are you looking for a new pair of sandals? Let me tell you guys, this buying guide will surely help you to buy a pair that will not only prevent your feet from aching but also keep fashion on fleek.

Don’t you feel like “Ughh! I got to wear the same sandals again”? We get you. There are tons of styles and varieties to choose from, fitting perfectly to each and every occasion. These days, the best men’s sandals for walking have all the characteristics of an athletic shoe. The right pair of sandals can honestly give you the best of everything from motion control to flexibility and come with a secure strapping system. And blisters in your feet caused by the raw straps? Pfff! Forget it. Trust what we say.

Top 5 Men’s Sandals For Walking


1. ECCO Men’s Yucatan Sandal

The Ecco Men’s Sandal is the perfect one for you if you’re looking for a decent sandal at a moderate price. This product is 50% Leather and 50% Textile. This one is imported and comes with a rubber sole which makes the sandal comfortable to wear and gets a superior grip for the one who wears it.

It has also got Receptor Technology which gives support and comfort. The Product can be adjusted in different ways using adjustment points. This product has also got different color options.

  • Comes with 3 Strap adjustability
  • Covered with Microfiber EVA
  • Consists of 50% Leather and 50% Textile
  • Neoprene lining is used which makes it soft
  • Moderate price
  • It comes with a long period of warranty
  • Tight Adjustment near toes
  • Do no last longer
  • Heavyweight


2. Skechers Louden Sandal

The Skechers Louden Sandals are 100% Synthetic. These sandals come with Soft Textile Lining. It has also got a Cushioned memory foam insole. These sandals are imported and consist of a synthetic sole.

The outside part of this sandal looks hard but the inside portion is soft and relaxed with two adjustable Hook and loop straps for a cushioned footbed.

  • Sandal Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 6 inches
  • contains lots of adjustments
  • Available in different types of colors
  • contains extra soft textile lining.
  • consists of cushioned foam inside.
  • infused with gel and air-cooled memory foam
  • Can be used only for a shorter period of time
  • It does not contain a proper warranty.


3. Dockers Men’s Newpage Sandal

The docker’s NewPage sandals are surely one of the best sandals as it consists of Fabric Strap Linings. This product contains a synthetic sole that eases the product to wear. It contains Three adjustable hooks that ensure a secure fit for the product.

The heel of this product is around 1 inch and a fashion footbed with memory foam is contained for extra comfort and convenience. Customers who bought these said that the soles and uppers last forever but these don’t go great while in the sand.

  • Sandal Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 6 inches
  • Contains Heel strap and a synthetic sole
  • Sandal Material: Bonded Leather
  • Arch Support
  • Slightly inexpensive
  • memory foam which is for more comfort
  • Cannot be washed


4. Teva Men’s M Hurricane XLT2 Sport Sandal

The Teva Men’s Sandal has some kind of similar features as other sandals but the look of the sandal makes it more unique. The product is textile, imported and even water-resistant. The sandal dries quickly after getting wet.

The sandal is outfitted with soft heel-strap padding and a softened sole for more comfort. The size of this product given in the user manual is accurate which makes it a highly recommendable one.

  • Sandal Material: Textile
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Best fitting
  • Can be washed
  • Smooth material
  • Expensive compared to other products


5. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

This sandal looks odd unlike other sandals but it too has great features. This sandal is made with 100% Polyester webbing, imported and consists of a rubber sole. it contains a bungee lacing system and rear pull-on loop for good performance.

These sandals are so tough that these can be washed manually or by machine. But while washing, better use a small amount of detergent for a gentle wash and dry by using air. This product is slightly expensive but the features make it worthy of its price.

  • Washable manually or by machine
  • Sandal material: Polyester webbing
  • Extended Warranty
  • Proper Fitting
  • Comfortable material
  • Slightly Expensive



Buying Guide: Men’s Sandals For Walking

So, guys, fashion and health go hand in hand in the 2020s, right? We can’t just wear a sandal that looks medieval simply because it’s long-lasting. Like come on; could that even be less awkward?  It’s understandable how your fashionable counterparts will be like “Eww” if your footwear is so tacky and dull-looking. 

But don’t you worry, fellas! We are there for you while you purchase a pair of sandals. 


Things To Keep In Mind 

The built of a sandal leads to a big deal of difference in its fit as well as function. So let’s come along and learn about the basic parts of a sandal that really matters when it comes to comfort.

Some shoes or sandals have an Achilles tendon protector. It significantly eliminates stress on the Achilles tendon. Isn’t it amazing? Getting rid of stress just by some protector? Although, I’m just talking about the stress in feet. If you are an individual, who likes heels, pick up sandals that have a cushioning material to ensure comfort to the ankle.

A good sandal is incomplete without a proper insole. Guys, nobody likes to get hurt. That friction we face while walking in new sandals? Ouch, I know it hurts! So guys, to reduce impact while walking, some companies fill the midsole of a sandal with gel, foam or air. The Outsole contains grooves and treads to reduce traction on making ground contact. Finally, a roomy toe space helps your toe skin to breathe preventing blisters and calluses. Finally, a sandal that doesn’t hurt. 


The Contours Of Your Feet 

We two are not the same and so aren’t our feet. Just like fingerprints, feet come in different forms and sizes. Even the best sandals belonging to someone else can cause painful problems if you pay no heed contours of your feet while buying them. Buy sandals that take the shape of your feet.


Arch Type 

Comfort and the only comfort is what you guys look for in sandals, right? In your sandal, presence of springy, flexible arches distributes your bodyweight uniformly along the feet.

Be careful guys, you got to choose sandals for walking that suit your arch type.

Neutral-arched feet are neither too arched nor too flat. A person with neutral arches should go for sandals with firm midsoles or a moderately even curve with rear-foot stability. 

However, if you have Low-arched or flat feet, a walking sandal with a decent last and motion control will work wonders to reduce muscle stress and joint problems. 

Some again have High-arched feet causing joint and muscle strain. And, man, if you are an athlete, you should choose sandals as per our recommendation. Good quality sandals with cushioning help absorb shock. 


The Perfect Fit 

You will not wear a sandal, no matter how expensive a pair it is if it does not fit properly. We are presenting some guidelines for finding a pair of sandals for walking with the perfect fit.

Blindly trust a professional fitter at a sandal store as they will help you meet your requirements.

While purchasing the best men’s sandals for walking, make sure that the salesman measures both feet meticulously. Like all organs, our toes and feet grow with time so a one-time measurement is not enough. Watch out that the salesman measures your feet each time you buy sandals. A pro tip? Stand upright while taking your foot measurement to get the precise reading.

Try the fit on both sandals, especially if one foot is larger than the other. 

The sandal should feel cozy and snug at the feet from one side to another. Once selecting a pair, wear the sandals and do tests walk. Your heel should fit comfortably in each sandal, and must not slip while walking.


Heel Cushioning

Heel bruises are a common occurrence if the heels of your sandals are stiff or raised. A lot of users complained of heel ache while wearing sandals. We found out that the absence of heel cushioning causes this pain. That’s why we always ask buyers to examine the cushioning of their choicest sandals by pressing their thumb into the heel. This experiment should lead to mild depression along the heel if it is soft.



Types Of Sandals

Suppose you go to a store or visit an online website to buy a nice pair of sandals. Do you often get confused with the different types the salesman offers? We don’t blame you. Sandals can be classified based on their purpose and you have to know yours. Will you wear it while trekking across mountain passes? Or will you wear it during a sport at camp? Each activity has a unique sandal to suit its match.


Flip Flops 

Nothing can beat a regular pair of flip flops for any and every situation. If you are looking for a sandal to slip on to every time you step out, then these are the best. You can wear them, and take them off quickly. When it comes to comfort, flip flops made of leather are a universal favorite.



It’s time to stop thinking that sandals are not great for hiking. I mean, come on. Sandals with straps are made for that purpose and they provide extra security while hiking. Hiking sandals wrap your heel with a tough strap so that you don’t slip out of your sandals while walking on an uneven surface. These sandals are a strong man and their outsole made of rubber. They have a more solid midsole to make walking obstacles easy.



A huarache sandal is a trend in vogue replacing the mainstream market sandals. Are they flip flops? Are they hikers? They are a mix of both worlds with a plain rubber sole. These sandals have a simple design without any top or midsole. Wearing these huaraches, you can cover a 100-mile marathon like a cakewalk. The ultra-lightweight and basic design make these sandals a packable option if you want to go on a trip.


Closed Toe 

Then again some people don’t want to show their toes but wear a sandal. For them, the sandals are available with their outsole up encircling the front part of the foot to like a rubber umbrella for a toe shield. Hikers opt for Closed-toe sandals and during river rafting where they have a higher chance of colliding with a rock. With superior toe protection, these sandals have only one con; they collect debris near the toe space.



Sandals are made up of myriad materials to give you comfort and protection. Reading this buyer’s guide you can have an idea on what materials to look for the next time you purchase sandals.

But, when I say protection, you will think ‘of what kind’? Basically, protection of your feet from obstacles. Go for hard rubber sole sandals while playing. But if you want to climb uphill, select sandals having a thick tread. It will help you keep your balance on slippery river rocks. 

If your sandal has straps or a covering, choose a material with a breathable and long-lasting substance. 

Memory foam provides a good amount of cushioning and comfort when used on the top sole, so go for sandals that have that. It’s like resting your feet on a pillow.

Sandals made of water-resistant materials are well suited to cross a brook because the water won’t damage it.



You guys should know that EVA or ethylene-vinyl acetate is the best material to make a midsole. Ask your salesman if the sandal is made of EVA. It is completely odorless and sweatproof, so, no time for smelly feet!


Do they offer the right amount of support?

Whether your sandal provides you with the right amount of support, depends on many factors. Every type of sandal is meant for a specific purpose and you should buy them keeping that in mind. 

For instance, a sandal necessary for lazing around will not offer the same support as one used for hiking. The instep is a good factor to consider as it helps to prevent painful fallen arches. Again, sandals with heel caps and ankle straps offer extra support allowing proper motion. 

Keep the points of this buyer’s guide in mind when you purchase your next pair of sandals.


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