Best ways to spider-proof your home – from scented candles to checking your window frames

If you’re looking for simple ways to keep the eight-legged creatures at bay, here are some simple methods to stop them from scuttling in to your home this autumn

It’s that time of year again – people have begun to notice that their homes are being inundated by spiders.

The eight-legged critters get a lot of bad press but have a lot of benefits to the natural world.

But it’s fair to say that many of us aren’t so keen on hordes of them getting comfy in our homes over winter.

Arachnophobes beware, the cold weather can make them more likely to migrate inside, and the short September heatwave is set to dramatically end very soon.

So if you’re looking for some simple precautions to stop the creepy-crawlies from entering your home, here are some simple ways to stop the critters from entering.

It’s that time of year again where spiders regularly seem to appear in your home


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Here are 13 simple ways to spider-proof your home – including simple sprays and scented candles.

1. Create a spider-repelling spray

Mix a cup of apple cider vinegar, a handful of ground pepper, one teaspoon of washing up liquid and one teaspoon of oil.

Spray it in your bathroom and along window frames and doors to deter the creepy crawlies.

2. Attract ladybirds

The bugs are great for getting rid of spiders as they happily munch up the mites.

By planting ladybird-attracting plants such as marigolds, yarrow, angelica, fennel and dill around the perimeter of your house, you can help naturally ward off spiders.

Removing all spiderwebs helps keep the critters at bay


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3. Get minty

Peppermint oil is a cheap and easy way to deter the critters – with lots of ready-made diffusers and scents available if you don’t have any oil.

Also, it makes your home smell lovely and clean.

4. Regularly check for cobwebs

While cleaning your home, take a few minutes to remove any spider webs that have popped up overnight.

Check your windows regularly and wipe any webs away with a soft duster.

Make sure the cracks in your home are filled in to restrict entry


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5. Clear out the nooks and crannies

Spiders love little cosy spaces they can hide in – so use this as a prompt to clean out the clutter so there is nowhere to hide.

6. Get a pet

Animals, especially cats, will ensure there are no unwanted bugs hanging around, and they’re great company as well.

7. Citrus smells

Spiders are repelled by citrus smells (such as lemon) because of their pungent scent.

Wipe down doors and window frames with the peel to give points of entry a strong scent.

8. Wash your windows

Create a solution using ½ ammonia and ½ water to clean your window frames. Spiders dislike the smell and will not go near it.

9. Scented candles

Cinnamon is another scent spiders aren’t fond of, so a scented candle can waft the smell through your home.

10. Points of entry

Spiders need to first find a way in so check for cracks and broken seals that could be granting them access.

Outside, check gaps near plumbing fixtures where they could be crawling in and try to seal with an appropriate material.

Scented Cinnamon candles are a cheapy way to ward the creatures off



11. Dim lighting

Like many creepy crawlies, spiders are attracted to light so dim your bulbs when possible, and always ensure you turn off your lights when leaving the home.

This also helps you save money on your electricity bill.

12. Use Eucalyptus

Use the fresh-smelling plant in your bathroom and in wardrobes to stop spiders from finding a home there.

The nicely-scented plant can even hang in your shower where the steam will release the essential oils

13. Check the garden

Bugs love compost heaps, piles of firewood and other smelly garden spots so ensure they’re not too close to your home, to avoid them making an unwelcome entrance.

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