Betting Odds Favor Claire to Go Home on ‘Big Brother’ Instead of Derek X

According to US-Bookies, Claire has 8/11 odds of being sent home next, which is a 57.9 percent implied probability. Derek X, on the other hand, has 5/4 odds of being evicted next, or a 44.4 percent probability.

“Though Derek X is the current Head of Household’s target, the bookies slightly favor Claire to be the one evicted during what may be the most split eviction so far,” a US-Bookies spokesperson said in a news release.

They also noted that these two players “have the closest odds among any houseguests” who were put on the block together thus far in Season 23.

That doesn’t mean Claire is certain to be the next member of the jury. But despite the house currently being in favor of Derek X leaving, apparently, there’s a chance the votes could sway a different way.

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