Billie Eilish signed a fan’s chest mid-set at Firefly Music Festival. He’s getting it tattooed.

After Billie Eilish mumbled through the opening lyrics of “Billie Bossa Nova” she let out a cackle and told her band to stop playing.

“I forgot the lyrics,” she announced to the thousands of festivalgoers assembled before the Firefly main stage, “because I was reading a sign.”

That sign was held by Matthew Morgan, a blond-haired sophomore from New York’s Ithaca College. It read, “Sign my tits.”

So Eilish did.

Matthew Morgan had his chest signed by Billie Eilish during her Firefly opening night set.

“You want me to sign your tits,” she said from the stage. “I’m going to do it. How am I supposed to get down there? It’s f—— funny as f—.”

Moments later, two security guards helped her down from the stage and she walked to Morgan, who waited along a fence in the front row with his black and gold shirt opened. A nearby fan handed Eilish a sharpie and she emblazoned her signature and a heart on Morgan’s left pec.

“It’s insane,” he said. “Everyone just started screaming. It’s by far one of the best moments of my life.”

Festivalgoers enjoy Billie Eilish during the first night of Firefly Music Festival on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021, at The Woodlands in Dover.

As she signed his chest, Morgan told Eilish he is going to get the signature tattooed, making permanent the signature moment of a wet and soggy Firefly opening night.

Morgan was one of thousands of fans who anxiously waited to be let into the festival after heavy rain delayed its start by almost five hours. He and a friend drove five hours from Ithaca College Thursday morning, then waited longer at the front of the gates to enter the festival.

Both college track athletes, they sprinted to the main stage once let in to be the first two fans there.

The “Sign my tits” sign actually wasn’t Morgan’s at the start of the night. He said after The Girl in Red performed on the main stage he begged another fan to let him use the sign for Eilish’s performance.

“Billie Bossa Nova,” the song Eilish stopped to sign Morgan’s chest, came about midway through her set. It opens with a subtle guitar rift. It’s then Morgan screamed, “Billie, please sign my tits.”

The singer soon after stopped and made her descent.

Matthew Morgan had his chest signed by Billie Eilish during her Firefly opening night set.

“I was like what? That’s not possible,” Morgan said. “People don’t get down from the stage.”

As she signed his chest, Eilish said “oh my god” in disbelief.

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