Billy Crystal Got Intense Munchies During Stoned MRI!

Veteran actor and comedian Billy Crystal is “hip with the times.”

The 73-year-old funnyman isn’t afraid to indulge on the devil’s lettuce, or should we say, the devil’s gummies.

While stopping by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” via Zoom on Wednesday, August 11, Crystal detailed a comical trip to the doctor’s that involved him getting a severe case of the munchies.

Unsuspecting Stoner!


Crystal recently had a health scare which landed him in the doctor’s office for an MRI.

“I’ve been working out as much as I can and so, I did something with my right hip. So, it was just this strange pain so I was worried,” he told Fallon.

“Cause I don’t want to join that ‘Yeah, I got a new hip club,’” the comedian joked. “So, the doctor says, ‘Listen, I think the best thing is to put you in the MRI tube and let’s take a good look at your soft tissue. So, I said, “fine but I’m 73 so everything is soft at this point.”


He went on to say how awful it is to be in an MRI tube, especially when you’re claustrophobic which Crystal is.

“I’m very claustrophobic which is why I was a month premature,” Crystal quipped.

The “Monster’s Inc.” actor admitted that he was very nervous, so in attempt to calm his nerves he swallowed a few edibles… four to be exact.

“The guy at the cannabis place said, because there’s a section for seniors you know? So, he said, ‘Two will make you feel good.’ So, I said, ‘Well I really want to feel fabulous, so I should have four,’” Crystal revealed.

He explained that after popping four edibles, he got in the tube, put in his headphones and popped on some Bill Evans.

Crystal explained there is a squeezable item in the tube in the event of an emergency. A patient can squeeze it and the doctor will respond right away and take the patient out of the tube.

“About a half-hour in I got really hungry, so I squeeze the thing and he goes, ‘Are you okay Mr. Crystal?’ I say, ‘Yeah, is there a Taco Bell like nearby?’ ‘No’ he said. So, I say ‘No? Alright, alright, ok,’” he detailed.

Then 40 minutes into the procedure he squeezed it again and asked if the nursing staff could get him Postmates.

Fallon noted, “You became a stoner!”

He joked that once he got out of the tube and left the hospital, he was still in his hospital gown with his a** hanging out.

Crystal got dressed and headed to Taco Bell for a nacho fries box.

All-in-all, I’d say that’s a pretty good day at the doc’s office!

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