Blake Moynes Addresses Thirsty Comments From Michael Allio

Prior the big Bachelorette finale airing, fans were shocked at some of Michael Allio’s comments on Katie Thurston’s Instagram. The comments kept fans guessing as to who Katie was with. Rumors were flying everywhere and many hoped it was a sign she reconciled with Michael A. Now that the season is over and fans realize she’s engaged to Blake, some are wondering what he thinks about those thirsty comments posted. Keep reading to find out more.

Blake Moynes addresses those thirsty comments from Michael Allio

Bustle dished on what Blake had to say about Michael’s comments on his fiance’s sexy lingerie Instagram post. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, Michael commented on her post saying, “Can’t say what I’d like to…” He added a wide-eyed emoji in between two fire emojis. Fans started noticing his comment and he quickly deleted it. However, he wasn’t quick enough to keep news outlets from capturing screenshots.

In a recent interview, Blake addressed how he felt about it. Blake said, “I mean, I chuckle at it.” He continued on saying, “Listen, what I can chalk it up to is just assuming he was hoping or thinking that she was potentially single? Otherwise it’s kinda a, a shady move! So let’s just assume that he didn’t think she was with anybody.”

Michael A. hasn’t commented on the comment. Therefore, fans do not know whether or not he knew she was engaged. What do you think? Regardless, it’s obvious Michael still had or even has feelings for The Bachelorette.

The comment wasn’t the first flirty, complimenting comment he’d made. He’d also commented on a gorgeous photo of Katie wearing a beautiful green gown. He commented about how green was her color and asked for fans’ input.

Michael also expressed his feelings for Katie on the Men Tell All special. He said his feelings hadn’t changed and he would definitely be open to resuming things with her if she wanted to. She declined saying she knows everything happens for a reason and that she is happy with where she’s at in life.

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Katie is happy with Blake

Katie is head over heels in love with Blake. The two are enjoying being in public together, finally. She’s in Canada to see where he lives and spend time with his family. These two seriously seem like a match made in heaven.

While Michael A. and Katie didn’t work out, fans are hoping he can still find love. Many are cheering him on to become the next Bachelor. 

Who do you want to see be the next lead? What do you think about Michael still being thirsty for Katie?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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