BOMBSHELL Sally Spectra Is Summer’s Sister?

The Young And The Restless spoilers tease a surprising twist coming up for Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). It may be revealed that Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) is her mother! While that should be shocking, any true soap fan could see it coming. After all surprise children are a soap staple. Also, it is usually the person they hate the most that turns out to be a relative. Also, the soap powers that be love to change history and storylines to make them fit in the present for that extra spicy shock factor. It has been done before on Y&R. Let’s take Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) as an example

Mariah Copeland Is A Good Example Of Bad First Impressions

She came to Genoa City to gaslight Sharon Newman (Sharon Case). She was also encouraged to get close to Sharon by her con-man father figure and cult leader Ian Ward (Ray Wise). Mariah did some questions things.  For instance, she tries to seduce Sharon’s man, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). She also terrorized Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway). Despite such awful beginnings, Mariah is now a model citizen of Genoa City. She is close to the mother she originally rejected. Abby even chose her to carry her child. So while Sally clashed with Summer Newman (Hunter King) and Phyllis there is hope for them in the future on Y&R. 

Yr Sharon Newman - Mariah Copeland Youtube
Yr Sharon Newman – Mariah Copeland Youtube

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Sally Is Phyllis’s Daughter- Here’s Why.

The Young And The Restless viewers know that Phyllis is mourning the fact that Summer stayed in Milan. After all, she only destroyed Sally and Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) so Summer could come home. Her weeping seems a little much because Summer is happy. She also mentioned to Nick that Summer is her only daughter. Of course, that is something he is well aware of. He is her father after all. Then Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) mentioned that Sally is exactly like Phyllis. Seasoned fans of Y&R could take those statements as clues. Meaning Phyllis has another daughter and it is most likely Sally.

Young and the Restless Sally Spectra Courtney Hope - Phyllis Summers Michelle Stafford
Young and the Restless Sally Spectra Courtney Hope – Phyllis Summers Michelle Stafford

Clues That Sally Coul Be Phyllis Summers’ Daughter On Young And The Restless

Another clue is the satisfaction Phyllis is taking in tearing Sally down. Y&R spoilers for the week of August 16 to August 20 tease that Red (Phyllis) will kick someone out of her hotel. That person will most likely be Sally. Making Sally homeless will only make her hate Phyllis more. That is another reason to believe they are mother and daughter. If it turns out Sally is Phyllis’s child, their world will be rocked. It is doubtful Sally would accept her nemesis as her mother or Summer as her sister. Then she would have to wrap her mind around the fact that her upbringing is a lie. 

Sally and Phyllis have the same taste in men she was Phyllis’s ex Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and now it seems she may have her eye on Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) Phyllis’s current beau? Let’s not forget Summer bedded Phyllis’ boy toy Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) which caused a lot of drama. It seems the writers are right on track for some replays with this storyline if spoilers are correct.

Young and the Restless Sally Spectra Courtney Hope Youtube
Young and the Restless Sally Spectra Courtney Hope Youtube

Sally Not A Spectra ON The Y&R?

Sally was named after her great aunt the larger-than-life Sally Spectra (the late Darlene Conley). She is very close to her “Grams” and her sister. Like her namesake, fashion is in her blood.  Also, like the original Sally, she is a hustler. Even though she can be her own worst enemy she has the love and support of the Spectras, especially Grams. However, we know next to nothing about her parents. The reason is unknown although that may come to light if Phyllis is her real mother. Even though the two of them are sworn enemies right now, becoming family can only be good for both in the long run. 

While Sally can never replace Summer, she can fill a void for Phyllis. For Sally, it would give her ties to Genoa City. It may even lead to redemption. But there are bound to be many twists and turns ahead on Y&R.

Young and the Restless sally Spectra Courtney Hope - Darlene Conley

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