Bouncer slammed over creepy note they left for punter they took home after got drunk

The “terrifying” note was shared on social media, and many people criticised the bouncer for their actions, which included washing the bargoer’s vomit-stained clothes

A bouncer has been slammed online over an “extremely creepy” note shared on social media – full of instructions for a drunken bargoer they took home.

The note, which explained why they’d woken up in a stranger’s house unclothed, was shared on Reddit where it left people feeling “scared” at the contents.

Seemingly left to reassure the person following a drunken night out, its contents left many people feeling terrified and urging others to never take inspiration from it.

In big capital letters, it said: “DON’T PANIC”, followed by: “There’s paracetamol in the top drawer and bottled water on the side. The bathroom is straight across from you.”

The note left people feeling uncomfortable

It then answered a list of questions, including where the person is, and where their clothes are, as well as a suggestion for what they could do next.

The note explained that they were in the spare bedroom “of the bouncer you were talking to last night.” It added that they “weren’t in a state to be left alone, wouldn’t/couldn’t get in a taxi, and none of your friends were answering the phone?

It adds that their phone was left on the bedside, alongside their jewellery, and the clothes they threw up on are being washed, with some oversized hoodies available in a drawer.

In response to what they could do next, the note suggests they could “sneak out without a word” into the city centre, or stay in bed if they needed.

It adds: “There’s clean towels on the bannister, possibly food in the fridge, a sticker with the WiFi password on it somewhere in the living room, Netflix on the TV and the dog loves to be played with.”

The note received a huge backlash online, with many left creeped out by its contents.

One person wrote: “This is terrifyingly creepy. I would immediately call the police and check for injuries. No way this is not premeditated.”

Another added: “This is borderline weird. Take me to a hospital if you’re concerned, not to your house and don’t take off my clothes to wash them.”

A third added: “To me it seems very creepy! This bouncer, a stranger, took another drunk (vulnerable) stranger to their home, undressed them and put them to bed and then is happy to let them stay and use their home like a hotel? Bonkers!

“Almost like the beginning of a serial killer film or something. The person tries to leave the house only to find they are locked in and can’t escape.”

Others speculated that the note couldn’t be real – as one person commented: “I don’t know a single door person who would refer to themselves as a ‘bouncer’ so on that basis I think the whole thing is b******s.”

“I really, really don’t think this is real. Far too many potential issues, far too many reasons why it couldn’t work in practice. I think it’s something someone thought up as a well-intentioned concept and image. Nothing more,” added another.

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