Bride heartbroken after paying £350 for dream wedding cake & getting the ‘ugliest one I’ve ever seen’

A BRIDE has revealed how the dream of her perfect wedding was crushed once she saw how a baker had messed up her cake.

Posting a video to TikTok, Tiah TenDolle showed a photo of the cake that she and her husband had asked for compared to the one they ended up receiving, and the two were worlds apart from each other.


This is the reference photo that Tiah showed the baker for her wedding cakeCredit: _thetendollefamily/TikTok

Tiah was left heartbroken, after forking out £350 for her dream wedding cake and getting the ‘ugliest one I’ve ever seen’.

The mother-of-three explained that the baker must have been ’embarrassed as she dropped the cake off at the reception early before the couple got there.

“The baker didn’t have the skills to do the cake and just attempted it anyways. And this is what happened,” Tiah explained in the comments.


“I looked at all of her work and it all looked good! I [had] no doubts. I think the design was too sophisticated for her lmao.”

Despite chasing for a refund, Tiah claims she was refused.

“We called her and told her we weren’t happy. She said it’s what we asked for and refused a refund,” the mum explained.

The cake put a spanner in the works, as it meant they were left without a cake for their special day.

“We had to have someone leave the reception to run to a bakery and grab us some replacement cakes. Such a nightmare!” Tiah said.

They did end up eating the cake though as they didn’t want it to go to waste, with Tiah saying it ‘was actually delicious’.

People were quick to flock to the comments, sharing how devastated they are for her.

“The more I look at it, it upsets me and it wasn’t even my wedding. It wasn’t the same icing and theirs was made from a box cake,” one person said.

“This happened to me too. Like, just say you can’t do it,” someone else said.

Another added: “I would cry!”

The cake they received was nothing like the one they ordered


The cake they received was nothing like the one they orderedCredit: _thetendollefamily/TikTok
Sadly the couple didn't receive a refund and had to chase down another cake for their reception


Sadly the couple didn’t receive a refund and had to chase down another cake for their receptionCredit: _thetendollefamily/TikTok

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