Bride whose wedding caused covid outbreak slammed for calling it ‘the best day’

A BRIDE has been blasted for calling her wedding day ‘the best day of our lives’ – after guests caught coronavirus.

Writing on Reddits wedding forum a commentator revealed someone they used to go to school with shared the bizarre comments on their Facebook page.


People were surprised by what she had writtenCredit: Getty

They, and many others, were stunned by the crassness of it.

They shared the post. “One week ago was the best day of our lives and despite the absoute mess of covid spreading I would relive it again and again,” they wrote.

“I am so very sorry to anyone that caught covid but we keep reinding ourselves that (1) we broke no rules as there are no restrictions (2) we didn’t force anyone to go (3) it was everyone’s personal choice.

“Some people have made us feel guilty for what happened but this was nothing we anticipated. We point no fingers as we know this was a risk.

“All we care about was no one was terribly sick. If we can get through this, honey we can get through it all.”

They finished with a winking emoji.

But people thought it was in bad taste.

The wink at the end seals it.

“People are just now starting to get sick from an illness that can potentially kill them,” said one person. “They caught it at my irresponsible event. TEEHEE.”

Another person added: “While I agree everyone attending knew it was a risk, there is a right and wrong way to handle things after it happens….that wasn’t it.”

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