‘Bringing Up Bates’ Sisters Carlin & Josie Feuding? Fans Think So

The Bringing Up Bates family typically doesn’t make headlines for scandals or feuds. They seem to be pretty neutral and don’t have many issues that go public. But now, fans are picking up on a possible conflict between sisters Carlin Bates Stewart and Josie Bates Balka. So, what’s going on?

Bates family Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans think the sisters are fighting.

On the Duggar Bates Confessions page on Instagram, fans can send in confessions about members of either family. A fan recently submitted a confession explaining why they think Carlin and Josie are fighting.

In the post, the fan writes, “Does anyone else ever really notice how Josie and Carlin rarely ever comment on each other’s pictures or tag each other in their stories, even when they’re clearly together?”

The user points out that Carlin will tag her other sisters and sisters-in-law when their kids have playdates, but she doesn’t tag Josie. The fan says, “It has just made me wonder if there is some unknown tension between them. They tend to copy each other a lot as well in terms of photography and posts; almost as if there’s competition.”

You can read the full post from the Bringing Up Bates fan below.


Are Carlin and Josie really feuding?

There’s no way to know for sure what’s happening in Josie’s and Carlin’s personal lives. While there does seem to be some concern that they are on bad terms due to their interactions on social media, there are plenty of possible explanations for this.

A few fans think that the sisters might not communicate much online because they spend time together in person. One Instagram user points out, “Could be that they talk more in outside life; I know I leave more detailed comments to people I know I’m not going to talk to in five minutes anyway.” Some fans think everything is probably fine in real life and just looks different online.

It doesn’t seem likely that the sisters will talk about this rumored feud on social media since they typically keep things positive, light, and cheery. So, we can’t say whether they are or aren’t fighting. It’s all speculation.

So, do you think the two sisters are fighting with each other? Or do you think they might just be closer in person than they are online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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