Brit influencer juggles motherhood and earns a fortune from content creating

Parenthood isn’t easy as it often requires a lot of time and patience to raise your kids.

As you know looking after children is a task in itself – but have you ever wondered what it’s like working full-time too?

A British influencer has revealed how she juggles being a mum and providing quality content for her legion of followers.

Naomi Genes has amassed a mega following of 851,000 fans on Instagram, where she shares beauty tutorials and fashion tips.

Her daily posts have not only captured the attention of her followers but also some of the world’s biggest lifestyle brands.

The 27-year-old also recently launched her bestselling collection with fashion giants In The Style.

Now in an exclusive chat with Daily Star, Naomi has revealed how she’s built her empire while being the best mum to her daughter.

The 27-year-old recently moved to the US to continue her job

She said: “I am yet for find care my daughter so I actually work and shoot campaigns during her nap times.

“It’s definitely not easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way, being able to work and spend every day with her is a blessing.”

Naomi, who is originally from Manchester, recently moved to Los Angeles, US, to pursue her career and things have changed.

Her content has changed, with snaps showing more greenery and appearing more brighter than usual.

And with a job that requires a lot of attention can often get in the way of parenting, but not for Naomi.

Naomi Genes
She has over 851,000 followers on Instagram

She admitted: “I make sure to put Nola and my family first.

“It’s important to be present and enjoy the moment instead of worrying about capturing it, it’s something I learnt after having Nola.”

Naomi is now sharing her tips for other mums who struggle to work full-time – and the main thing she recommends is accepting help from others.

She explained: “I think it’s so easy just to get on with it and spread yourself too thin.

“Work and mum life definitely makes you forget about yourself and your own well-being.

“Small breaks are vital, even if it’s a bath, a drive alone or just some Netflix in bed. I make sure to prioritise some me time.”

Naomi Genes
She shares a lot of content and gives fans beauty tips

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Naomi recently moved to LA where she’s been hitting up the beaches with her family.

Over on Instagram, the mum recently shared snaps of her wedding in California.

The couple can be seen posing in their formal attires looking all loved up.

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