Bryce Hall reveals he has “no friends” after Sway House’s quiet collapse

Bryce Hall hasn’t just lost his home after leaving the Sway House dramatically on August 12, but seemingly all his friends too. The TikTok star admitted as much on his August 17 Instagram story after giving his fans “a little life update”.

The Sway House is no more.

The passion project of Bryce Hall, Blake Gray, Josh Richards, and Jaden Hossler has disbanded, with its members slowly leaving the LA mansion one by one.

Hall’s departure was the biggest, leading to a massive fracture in the group and ultimately the disbandment of Sway as we know it.

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The Sway House was one of the biggest social media content houses.

Bryce didn’t just lose his house though. According to the TikTok star, who has over 20 million followers, he lost all of his close friends after leaving the Sway House.

“I just fully moved out of the Sway House. I get my place, by myself, on the first of September, so I’m going to be jumping around for two weeks like a f**king rabbit,” he said on his Instagram story.

“I’m an adult, I’m 22, living by myself, doing everything myself, and now I have no friends so hit me up if you want to be friends.”

The reason why he broke it off with his Sway House friends wasn’t because of a massive disagreement over their love lives ⁠— which, at a time, could have definitely been the cause.

It was because Hall believed he worked the hardest out of the group.

“Honestly I need a friend group that works. I party, don’t get that wrong, I party my ass off but no one works as hard as me in the group,” he said in a later Instagram Live.

“It’s true and I need a good friend group that grinds but also parties, and that’s us guys. We party, we grind, we do business sh*t.”

Hall has finished his move, and while he looks like he’s having fun ⁠— photos of his birthday party have circulated online ⁠— it’s now all becoming real for fans of the Sway House that their favorite group is no more.

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