“Call The Cops”, Woman Claims Her Neighbour Has Installed A Security Camera To Spy On Her!!

A woman recently ignited a debate on social media, claiming her neighbor has installed a security camera to spy on her house. She posted a TikTok video highlighting the neighbor’s camera pointing directly into her house. 

Last week, a TikTok user with the username @bbzeb shared a video with the caption, “When your neighbor installs a security camera directly toward your window.” The clip appeared to be alarming as the surveillance camera directly pointed into the woman’s house. The setting left the woman as well as the netizens a bit uneasy. In addition, the camera was installed in an unusual position on a brick wall as it stared at the woman from the balcony. 

The video has quickly gone viral, garnering over 61,000 likes and 2000 comments delivering their opinions on the matter. At the same time, most of the comments point out the legality of installing a camera to look in a neighbor’s house. A significant portion of the audience claimed that it was completely illegal and suggested Bbzeb take legal actions against the neighbor. An individual directly advised the woman, saying, “Call the police.” However, some wanted the woman to deep dive into the roots of the situation and claimed that it is not as simple as it may look. 

A netizen commented, “That’s completely illegal. By law, he has to point it away from your window.” Though the audience was mad at the situation and wanted the woman to reach out to the cops, laws revolving around personal security cameras differ with states. In many states, it’s absolutely legal to mount a camera on your house that points to your neighbor’s home. However, it’s only allowed if it is for lawful use. But the netizens are awesome!! Some of them have suggested to the woman tons of legal ways she can pursue, even if the police can’t intervene. 

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