Camila Cabello Passed Out at ‘Cinderella’ Premiere, She Said

  • Camila Cabello revealed she passed out before taking the stage at the “Cinderella” premiere Tuesday.
  • “Cinderella” is Cabello’s film debut and she plays the titular character.
  • “I’m sorry, I just passed out,” she told the audience. “But I’m back!”

Camila Cabello revealed she passed out at the Tuesday premiere for her film debut. 

The singer stars in “Cinderella” as the titular and iconic character in a modern musical retelling of the famous fairytale, which also stars Billy Porter, James Corden, and Idina Menzel.

A video, posted on Entertainment Today’s YouTube account, showed the beginning of the “Senorita” singer’s speech at the premiere inside Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre on Tuesday evening. Cabello began her speech by explaining why she was late to join the stage with her costars.

“I just passed out but I’m back. I’m back!” Cabello said before the crowd starting cheering. “I literally just passed out and now I’m back and I’m ready to read my notes.”

Cabello then read her speech, thanking those for supporting the film and why it was such a life-changing experience for her.

“All I can say is this was such an incredible experience. I believed in this movie so much that all I wanted was to enjoy it, and not fuck it up and I’m happy I didn’t fuck it up,” she said onstage.

Insider reached out to a rep for Cabello, but didn’t immediately hear back.

The 24-year-old singer has previously said that playing Cinderella was a “dream” role.

“It was one of those things that felt like God handcrafted it for me and was, like, ‘Here you go,'” Cabello told Variety in 2019. “I just couldn’t say no. It’s honestly a dream for me. And also a little bit terrifying.”

Her co-star, Idina Menzel, who plays the wicked stepmother in the upcoming movie, recently told Insider that she thought Cabello was a “rockstar” during filming and that she “admired” the way the singer was unafraid to show her “vulnerability.”

“Cinderella,” also starring Minnie Driver, Missy Elliott, and Pierce Brosnan, starts streaming on Amazon Prime Video September 3. 

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