Camila Cabello Talks About Facing Body-Shaming Comments from Trolls

Camila Cabello is an incredible and unique singer who came into the limelight as a member of the girl group, “Fifth Harmony,” that was formed in 2012 on “The X-Factor USA.” This group became a force to be reckoned with in the years that followed until Cabello announced in late 2016 that she wants to fully pursue a solo career.

In no time, the singer and songwriter earned her place as a solo artist in the music industry, and gained popularity in the media. As her fanbase grew, the 24-year-old was subjected to public scrutiny, especially when she was spotted in public wearing revealing clothes.

Soon, this resulted in online trolling and body-shaming, that the singer tried to ignore for as long as she could. But recently, Cabello addressed these comments during a lengthy conversation with Bustle. She mentioned that seeing these unkind comments “messed her up,” however, talking about it seemed to have lessened the insecurities she used to feel about her body type and shape.

In the past, many stars have slammed cruel comments that targeted their bodies, calling it an immature and wrong form of speaking to people that do not even know of the troll’s existence. Like many famous people, Cabello is proof that people can decide how they look, and should not have to change for anyone.

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Camila Cabello Condemns Body-Shaming

Body-shaming as the term implies is the act of shaming people’s body types. In the celebrity world, there is a pre-conceived notion that famous people should look a certain way. and when they do not meet up with these expectations they are shamed continuously by social media users. This has been a recurring problem in the digital world, and now celebrities like Cabello are speaking out against the act.

The singer aired her thoughts on the body-shamers after insensitive comments were about about her following photos of her at the beach going viral on social media.


“The whole day I felt insecure. I felt it was changing how I was thinking about food and eating… Really messing me up,” Cabello got candid about her plight on August 17, 2021 with Bustle.

Furthermore, she noted that she received judgmental messages in June, from online users because they saw revealing photos of her at the beach. These comments hurt the singer in ways that only a few people that have been in her shoes in the past would understand. But that’s not all Cabello wants to be known for— she wants everyone to know that she can rise above the hate comments.

Camila Cabello Is Taking Her Power Back

Gone are the days when Cabello decided to keep her cool, and let the hurtful comments roll over her back, as the “Havana” singer has a few words for everyone that has ever trolled her body online.

As earlier stated, Cabello is an incredible singer, and despite these accolades attributed to her name, she was still deeply affected by the cruel comments. To adequately give a response to her body-shamers, the singer uploaded a video on her Tiktok page where she called out the offenders and praised her body. In the video, she was heard saying; “I luv my body,” and it went viral within a few minutes.

A few months ago when she was trolled for how she looked in her beach wear, some of Cabello’s fans were not having it on the TL. They defended her honor vigorously, that provoked a reaction from the singer. She took to her Instagram Stories to dedicate an appreciation message to her fans and friends who always have her back.

“Thank you for the love yesterday and today, I love y’all,” she wrote.

Camila Cabello’s WOW (Word Of Wisdom)

Cabello started off the video by talking about the time she had on a crop-top and leggings for her work out routine. She went on to say that she was exercising and minding her business as usual, and for the first time, she did not feel like tucking her shirt into her leggings to try and cover her stomach.

“… And I was tucking it in, because I was running and existing like a normal person that doesn’t tuck it in all the time. And I was like ‘Damn.’ But then I reminded myself that being at war with your body is so last season.”

Camila Cabello seen getting excessive with her mother at the park in leggings and crop top

To her haters out there, Cabello wanted them to know that despite the hurtful comments and trolling, she has become more confident in her body and space, and not even those comments can usurp it. The singer is okay with how she looks, and whatever clothing she has on, will only add to the beauty she already has and exemplifies in all spheres of her life.

Camila Cabello Gives Shoutout To Curvy Women

There is a notion in certain industries, that curvy women are not ideal for certain jobs or roles, but this idea is slowly changing, and that can only be ascertained when curvy women realize how beautiful, endowed, and amazing they look.

In the concluding part of her video, Cabello gave a profound shoutout to curvy women— including those with stretch marks and fat in different parts of their body. Her message to these women is; “OWN IT.”

A few days after her positive video on TikTok, Cabello revealed that she felt “liberated.” She then disclosed that when she went to the airport, many women who saw her video, approached and thanked her for giving them a beautiful voice.

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