Cancel Culture Strikes As Comedy Central Removes ‘The Office’ Episode Due To “Political Incorrectness”

NBC’s long-running comedy series ‘The Office’ the latest comedy series to join the list of shows affected by cancel culture.

Viewers familiar with one of the country’s most popular shows watching a Sunday marathon on Comedy Central noticed that there was an episode missing from the rotation.

The episode ‘Diversity Day’ was omitted.

The episode features the characters of the show with index cards on their heads of different races and cultures. The goal is for the others to help make them guess what’s on their forehead, and of course, stereotypes come into play.

Ironically, the event in the show is a racial diversity seminar. The main character Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) puts on a stereotypical Indian accent as well as going into a bit from Chris Rock’s standup routine talking about different types of black people.

Comedy Central Removes An Episode of ‘The Office’ Due To “Political Incorrectness”

This follows previous episodes of shows being taken out of Comedy Central‘s line-up including ‘South Park’ and ‘Seinfeld’.

The scene also features characters like Pam Beesley (Jenna Fischer) being completely honest and saying that the stereotypes are in no way true and are ridiculous. They flat out say that stereotypes are ridiculous, and is a very good “teaching moment” for some who believe that stereotypes are completely accurate.

It’s completely ridiculous, and comes just a week after British actor John Cleese announced he’s taking on the topic of ‘cancel culture’ in the forthcoming TV docu-series ‘Cancel Me’.

Both Ricky Gervais, who created The Office and starred in the original British series version, and Carell have said publicly that the show would be banned if it were to air for the first time through today’s uber-sensitive lens.

Emily Jashinsky, cultural editor of The Federalist, said “It’s pathetic that a network dedicated to comedy lacks the courage or will to air sharp satire like ‘Diversity Day’.”

Interestingly enough this story came out after the Afghanistan pullout and Hurricane Ida, both of which were dominating the news cycle recently. It feels almost planned how this came out.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the show and do you think it’s ridiculous they removed the episode or do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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