Chantel Everett’s SHOCKING New Look, Nose Job?

The Family Chantel is set to return for another season next month. Chantel’s sister Winter will be sporting a new fierce look. Yet, she won’t be the only Everett who might look slightly different. It appears the main star of the show, Chantel may have had her own transformation in the form of a nose job. The before and after pictures definitely seem to show a bit of tweaking. Feel free to judge for yourself.

The Family Chantel and Their History of Judgment

Chantel has not been one to stay silent when it comes to criticizing others. She has had an up-and-down relationship with her sister Winter. It mainly revolved around Winter’s weight. She always felt insecure around Chantel who she deemed beautiful. Sadly, Winter never felt she could live up to her sister’s standards and even talked to her about possibly undergoing weight loss surgery.

Even after she lost fifty pounds, Winter felt Chantel hated having a “fat sister.” Chantel would comment that Winter could go to the gym more. Yet, it was not that easy for her and it took a while for her to finally start to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Finally, Winter felt good enough to start showing off her curves and weight loss. Earlier today, she shared a photo of herself in workout wear, and her followers could not help but note how amazing she looked. Now it seems Chantel’s own insecurities may have come out to play. She has always been beautiful but it appears her nose may have been her Achilles heel.


Credit: YouTube

A Nose Job Or Really Good Contouring?

The photos she posted on Instagram started causing a stir back in the middle of summer. Chantel is almost unrecognizable in her latest photos on her Instagram. Fans immediately noticed something was different with Chantel. While some followers thought she looked beautiful all made up, others were stunned by her transformation. “You don’t need all that photoshop. You’re much more beautiful than this photo,” one of her fans commented.

Credit: YouTube/Chantel Everett Instagram
Credit: YouTube/Chantel Everett Instagram

The disdain for her new look continued to pour in as she shared another picture last month. “Totally different person, that’s a shame.” Despite the haters, she still received a lot of positive feedback ad over 33,000 likes on her last posted photo. Though her nose looks slimmer and more pointed, this could just be the help of a great makeup artist. Moreso, it could very well be great editing as she credits an editor on her photos.

Credit: Chantel Everett Instagram
Credit: Chantel Everett Instagram

The photos appear to be a part of a photo shoot. They could be for the upcoming third season of the 90 Day Fiance spinoff which has become a hit with fans. The series follows the former cast member and her now-husband, Pedro along with their very lively families.

Do you think Chantel went under the knife? Let us know and don’t miss the new season of The Family Chantel beginning October 11 on TLC.


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