Chase Chrisley’s Ex-Girlfriend Emmy Medders Sizzles In Sexy Black Dress

Emmy Medders appears to be just fine moving on from Chase Chrisley. In fact, while she’s moving on from the Chrisley Knows Best star, she’s looking quite fine in general.

In showing how she’s dealing with the breakup, she posted a new picture to her Instagram. In fact, she posted a couple of pics where she was sporting a little black dress that showed off just how fantastic she looks these days.

Emmy Medders Loving The Fall

When Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders called it quits, there were some who were worried how she would cope. They had, after all, decided to tie the knot. Then months went by where there weren’t many updates.

It turns out that not only did they call off the engagement. Chase and Emmy decided to go through their separate ways. Now that Emmy is on her own, she’s enjoying the little things in life. That includes some pumpkin spice coffee drinks.

In her post showing her little black dress, Emmy also talked about her seasonal love. “Pumpkin Spice?” she wrote in the post’s caption. “OMW.” she continued.

Before she left to get that drink however, she showed off her apparel while sitting on the steps soaking in the nice weather.

The blonde beauty’s outfit was simple and understated, yet she still managed to fill it out in a way that would catch any man’s eye.

Emmy Medders/Instagram

The young lady’s followers were quick to point out how pretty she looked. Most comments were simple and to the point, expressing joy over how she looked in the new outfit.

Emmy Medders
Emmy Medders/Instagram

“Emmy!!!” one fan wrote. “You are beautiful.”

“Sweet pretty lady,” wrote another.

Picking Up The Pieces

It would seem that Emmy is looking to live her best life, even if that life no longer includes being with Chase Chrisley. There was a time when it seemed as if the pair were destined to be spending the rest of their lives together.

emmy medders
Emmy Medders/Instagram

The relationship situation is one that fans of Chrisley Knows Best have been trying to figure out for months. It wasn’t until last month that Chase gave some clarity on just where he and Emmy stood.

Right up until that interview, there had been an understanding that the pair were going to tie the knot. At first, he explained that they had “stepped back” from the engagement and were rethinking things.

When he was pressed further on where they were when it came to a romantic relationship, he admitted that in fact, they weren’t together at all.

For her part, Emmy has kept things pretty quiet as far as how she’s feeling about the whole situation. At least it appears that she’s learning to be happy away from the Chrisley clan.

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